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"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - World Health Organization

SOPHE's journals, Health Education and Behavior* and Health Promotion Practice*, frequently publish articles on current studies, literature reviews, and community interventions related to chronic disease and health policy. These scientific, peer-reviewed articles can provide excellent examples of success stories and best practices.

*Access to the full-text of published articles is free to National SOPHE members, journal subscribers, and available on a pay-per-view or timed access basis to all others.

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Guerilla Advocacy: Using Aggressive Marketing Techniques for Health Policy Change
Regina A. Galer-Unti
Health Promotion Practice, Jul 2009; vol. 10: pp. 325 - 327.

State Health Policy Makers: What's the Message and Who's Listening?
Ellen Jones, Marshall Kreuter, Sharon Pritchett, Rose Marie Matulionis, and Neil Hann
Health Promotion Practice, Jul 2006; vol. 7: pp. 280 - 286.

Advocacy 101: Getting Started in Health Education Advocacy
Regina A. Galer-Unti, Marlene K. Tappe, and Sue Lachenmayr
Health Promotion Practice, Jul 2004; vol. 5: pp. 280 - 288.

The Health Educator's Role in Advocacy and Policy: Principles, Processes, Programs, and Partnerships
Nancy Moore Caira, Sue Lachenmayr, Jenna Sheinfeld, Fern Walter Goodhart, Laurie Cancialosi, and Cathy Lewis
Health Promotion Practice, Jul 2003; vol. 4: pp. 303 - 313.