Call for Abstracts

SOPHE 68th Annual Conference

Scaling New Heights: Health for All
March 30 – April 1, 2017
Denver, Colorado

The call for abstracts for the 2017 SOPHE Annual Conference has closed. If you submitted an abstract, you can expect to receive status notification in early November 2016.

SOPHE2017 Conference theme and subthemes:

Scaling New Heights: Health for All

The field of health education and health promotion continues to face new challenges which call upon our knowledge of best practices while pushing us to explore and develop innovative strategies to better understand and address the needs of all populations. These new challenges bring the opportunity for health educators to reach new heights to effectively achieve ‘health for all’, which will involve the ability to engage and understand more diverse populations than ever and address disparities including age, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Providing health education that covers growing needs from preventive care to managing chronic disease to injury prevention will require building teams and coalitions of health educators across communities and disciplines that can join together to develop multi-faceted approaches and advocate for policies that make health more accessible for all.

The Intersection of Health, Innovation, and Technology

With cutting edge innovations being developed to improve the effectiveness of program and service delivery, this is an exciting time for the field of health promotion. Health professionals are finding themselves at the forefront of integrating technology into our current practices, creating an environment that builds upon industry standards and best practices. Abstracts are sought that address the ever changing landscape of technological advancements that potentially impact the delivery of health related offerings. Topics may include, the incorporation of electronic reporting, digital media, electronic communication, social media, and simulations into health promotion programs and services, including preventative care through end of life patient and family services.

Transdisciplinary Perspectives: Moving Beyond the Silos

Local, state, national and global efforts to eliminate hunger, unemployment, inadequate housing, maternal and child mortality, provide clean drinking water, and control gun violence represent a few of the challenging problems that require multilevel interventions. Many evidence-based practices used by health education and health promotion professionals require that they be used as part of multilevel intervention platforms. This often requires “transdisciplinary approaches” to solve the complex public health problems. Abstracts that represent best practice partnerships, coalitions, and private/public sector efforts to move beyond the research and practice silos to address complex public health issues are encouraged. Despite the benefits of the ACA, achieving “health for all” requires that health education and health promotion professionals be engaged in moving beyond our silos to effectively reach across the aisle and help to transform the conditions necessary for healthy living.

Entrepreneurship, Health Education and Health Equity

Numerous opportunities exist for health education and health promotion professionals to be innovators in the health equity movement. Health promotion innovations can transform school, worksite, communities, hospitals, medical homes, office-based medical practices, and fitness facilities. Abstracts are encouraged that represent health education professionals engaged in entrepreneurship at any level and within any setting. Small business, LLCs, and consultation health education/health promotion professionals are encouraged to submit abstracts that demonstrate entrepreneurship possibilities that support local, state, national, and global efforts to achieve health equity.

Advocacy and Capacity Building to Cultivate Health for All

Health promotion and health education professionals are engaged in establishing cross-sector partnerships to address the social determinants of health. There is no quick fix to the current state of inequities in health, education, housing, jobs, and wealth. However, the profession has a history of organizing to advocate for change to create a culture of health. Our most important asset is to have the public’s trust that health education professionals are working on their behalf to advance health for all. Health professionals must advocate for what they believe are the ethically best and sustainable approaches for achieving health equity. Abstract submissions from health professionals in diverse settings that provide evidence of advocacy best practices, training, and effectiveness.

Cultivating Workforce Diversity: Transgenerational Issues and Solutions

At no other time in history has workforce diversity been as important as it is today. Today’s workforce faces the challenge of maintaining five different generations, multiple cultures and ethnic groups, and recent policies concerning sexual orientation. Research shows that people are working longer, retiring later, white non-Hispanic population will be the minority group in the next 30 years, and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community are under scrutiny. With the changes occurring in the workforce, it is important to consider the role of health education & promotion professionals during this time as well as the implications of these changes for the future of health and healthcare delivery. Abstract submissions that describe the challenge in addressing transgenerational issues, the current and future of role of professionals and intervention programs that address these challenges and create avenues of change.

For those who submitted an abstract, you can expect to receive status notification in early November 2016.

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