The Faces of Health Education Specialists

Health education specialists make contributions to promoting and improving people’s health. They provide health education services for cost-effective prevention, wellness and disease management.

Health education specialists work in a variety of settings: businesses, hospitals, clinics, schools and universities, health departments and organizations.

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The Faces of Health Education Specialists



Wyatt Meriwether

“I feel honored to be awarded the 21st Century Student Scholarship.  Many student-scholars have worked diligently to become stewards of public health education, and I feel a certain responsibility in representing my peers because of this award.  I want to thank my peers and mentors for the opportunity to represent them, and I am confident that I will apply the knowledge gained from this 68th annual meeting to furthering the vision, mission, and values of the Society for Public Health Education.”

2017 SOPHE 21st Century Scholarship Awardee

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