National Health Education Week
Partnerships to Build Community Health
October 17 – 21, 2016

Sponsored by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), National Health Education Week (NHEW) is celebrated during the third full week of October. This celebration brings national attention to public health issues and promotes consumers' understanding of the role of health education and health promotion in society.  

Celebrate this week with us as we focus on partnerships to build community health. 

This 2016 toolkit can be used to promote NHEW, including the following daily themes:

Activity Schedule

Monday: Community Health, Health Inequities, and Faith-based Partnerships

We begin National Health Education Week by celebrating community health, health inequities, and faith-based partnerships. Health educators can’t promote health, eliminate disparities and build healthy environments alone. Public health partnerships allow us to expand our resources and increase capacity to implement sustainable changes in communities across the nation. Let’s break down silos, establish new partnerships to connect people in support of common goals and collaborate.


  • Create an appreciation Facebook or blog post: take a second to appreciate the partnerships that you have built over the years and explain what makes that partnership so great.
  • As an extra: add a photo to Instagram to be a part of our photo contest and share your partnership through pictures. Use the hashtag #NHEW2016 and tag SOPHE’s Instagram as you share photos that display your success as a partnership. *Must use Instagram and the above hashtag in order to be qualified.

Tuesday: Worksite Health Partnerships

Today, let’s celebrate health education partnerships in the worksite setting. This day is about sharing and promoting current health education efforts and spreading awareness about the profession.


  • As health care costs increase, both employers and employees think worksite health promotion programs can affect heath behaviors and costs. Check out this module to learn more: Incentives in Worksite Health Promotion Module and Scenario 1.
  • Managers want to know the cost analysis of worksite health promotion programs. This introductory primary module shows you how to calculate the costs.
  • We want you to share your advice: how have you implemented a successful work site health promotion program. what can an upcoming Health Educator do in order to land the position that you currently have? Use the social media of your choice to spread some tips and tag #NHEW2016!

Wednesday: School Health Partnerships

Today we celebrate our School Health Partnerships, the ones that have helped us thrive, and the ones that will be helping our future generations thrive.


  • Join our webinar to hear how partnerships between school-based health centers and schools advance student and school employee health. Speakers: Jordanna Snyder, MPH/CHES, program manager for school-based Health Alliance and Hallways to Health, Bill Klatz, vice principal of Merlo Station High School, Aurora Chavez, health educator at San Fernando High School Teen Wellness Center, Sara Trivette, CHES, physician assistant at Turner Elementary School, and Rachael Bowen, health educator at Milwaukie High School Wellness Center.
  • Take a second to post on social media the top 3 elements all successful partnerships should have and tag #NHEW2016.

Thursday: Government Organizational Partnerships

Health educators will need to continue to promote health educators and organizations as critical components to address the health crisis in our society and educate decision-makers on national and state legislative issues related to the health of society.


  • Highlight some activities that your organization has contributed to the public health world.
  • Highlight some accomplishments other organizations have made for public health. SOPHE will post success stories from their cooperative agreement with the CDC under the EACH project.

Send your highlights to We’ll post highlights to Facebook and SOPHE’s website.

Friday: Academic Partnerships

After celebrating our health education partnerships and energizing tomorrow’s leaders, we honor the future of our profession, demonstrate that health education will be more relevant in coming years. Today is about highlighting and supporting the key players of the next generation.


  • Share the innovative ways academic partnerships are improving health education for all. Use #NHEW2016 hashtag.
  • Students: we want you to create a Facebook post explaining why you chose public health as your career path, tag SOPHE, and use the hashtags #NHEW2016 #WhyIChosePublicHealth

As we celebrate this year's NHEW, we honor the work of health education specialists and recognize their contributions to promoting and improving population health and providing health education.

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