We are currently planning themes and events for National Health Education Week 2015.  Please check back late spring for more information and save the dates: October 19 - 23rd! #NHEW2015

Celebrating the Next Generation of Health Educators


Since 1995, National Health Education Week (NHEW) has been celebrated during the third full week of October. Sponsored by the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), this celebration focuses national attention on a major public health issue and promotes consumers' understanding of the role of health education in promoting the public's health. 

This year's NHEW will pay tribute to the next generation of health educators on October 20-24, 2014. Use the NHEW Toolkit to plan your own NHEW event.  SOPHE will be hosting daily virtual events around the following themes:

  • Monday, October 20: Creating a shared vision for the future of health education
  • Tuesday, October 21: Training and educating the next generation of health educators
  • Wednesday, October 22: 30 Under 30: Highlighting 30 health educators under the age of 30
    • Applications have closed and the 30 will be announced on October 22nd! Look for bios and more information on SOPHE's FB page during NHEW
  • Thursday, October 23: Employing the next generation of health educators 
    • Webinar: Certification and the Workplace: 2:00pm ET. Representatives from BeneFITSM Corporate Wellness and Health Promotion Operations of the United States Army Public Health Command will be sharing their health education programs and reasons why they specifically look for Health Educators with CHES/MCHES Credentials when hiring. 
  • Friday, October 24: Mentoring the next generation of health educators


As we celebrate this year's NHEW, we will honor the work of health education specialists. We recognize health education specialists for their contributions to promoting and improving population health and providing health education services for cost-effective prevention, wellness, and dsease management.


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