Continuing Education Contact Hours

The following policies were created and are upheld by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc (NCHEC). As a designated provider of continuing education contact hours, SOPHE is subject to the application and adherence to these policies.

Continuing education contact hours (CECH) are earned by participating in experiences that aid in the development or enhancement of the knowledge and skills directly related to the Areas of Responsibility and the individual’s professional occupation.

I find it vital to my success (and happiness) to pursue a career that challenges me to ask questions and seek answers, which I find through professional development and CECH opportunities.

Jordan Buckley, MPH, CHES

Category I

CECH opportunities that relate to one or more of the Areas of Responsibility, and have been preapproved by NCHEC (offered by designated providers).

Of the 75 hours to be earned in a five-year period, at least 45 CECH must be earned by participating in Category I activities. All CECH can be earned through Category I activities.

CHES who have accumulated in excess of 75 CECH at the end of the current five-year certification cycle may carry over a maximum of 15 Category I CECH into the next five- year certification cycle. Category II hours are not eligible for carry over.

Category I activities are offered by ‘designated providers.’ SOPHE is a ‘designated provider’ organization because we have demonstrated the ability to meet specific NCHEC criteria for offering CHES responsibilities-related activities. SOPHE reports all activities directly to NCHEC.

At the end of a Category I activity you will receive a certificate that includes a designated provider number. Keep this certificate as proof of your participation in the activity.

Category II

CECH opportunities that relate to one or more of the Areas of Responsibility, but have NOT been preapproved by NCHEC (offered by non-designated providers).
Up to 30 CECH can be earned by participating in quality activities that relate to at least one of the seven Areas of Responsibility for CHES, but were not approved in advance by NCHEC.

For more information, and to apply for Category II CECH, visit the NCHEC website.