Call for nominations 

Do you have experience in SOPHE and are interested in moving to the next level? Individuals with exemplary leadership and commitment to SOPHE, health education and health promotion are critical to the success of SOPHE and set a powerful example for others.

We actively recruit a diverse slate of members for the board of trustees, who would start their terms of office in the spring. All positions are for two-year terms of office, except the president-elect and student trustee:

The opportunity to help lead SOPHE is a notable personal and professional achievement. YOU have the opportunity to shape the future of SOPHE!

In a leadership role you will:

  • Play a significant role in advancing the health education profession.
  • Enhance the value of SOPHE to school and public health stakeholders.
  • Access to up-to-date information about the challenges facing health education and health promotion research and practice.
  • The chance to shape SOPHE’s strategic future directions.
  • Develop new leadership skills.
  • An opportunity to earn Category II Continuing Education Contact Hours for CHES/MCHES.

SOPHE leaders devote time, energy and ideas to move the organization forward.

To run for the board, please complete SOPHE’s nomination form. If you are interested more than one position, please complete a separate nomination form for each position.

If you would like to nominate someone who can provide the critical leadership skills — please email Antonio Gardner or Tammy Dillard-Steels

Together, we can ensure that SOPHE has a strong and vibrant future!

SOPHE officer nominations

We actively recruite members to the board of trustees, who will start their terms of office annually in the spring.

I. General Responsibilities of all members of the board of trustees

  1. Determine the organization’s mission and purposes.
  2. Select and support the chief executive officer.
  3. Ensure effective organizational planning.
  4. Ensure adequate resources.
  5. Manage resources effectively.
  6. Determine, monitor, and strengthen SOPHE’s programs and services.
  7. Enhance SOPHE’s public standing.
  8. Ensure SOPHE’s legal and ethical integrity and maintain accountability.
  9. Recruit and orient new board members and assess board performance.
  10. Participate in face-to-face Midyear and Annual meetings of the SOPHE Board and the All-Member Business Meeting at the Annual Meeting.
  11. Participate in monthly conference calls of the Board of Trustees.
  12. Appoint committee chairs/co-chairs for the respective areas and oversee their development, implementation, and evaluation of action plans in support of the SOPHE strategic plan, according to their role descriptions in the SOPHE Procedures Manual.
  13. Report on the progress/activities of the respective committees to the Board.
  14. Communicate decisions/discussions of the Board to the respective committee leadership.
  15. Alerting the SOPHE Treasurer to new resource development opportunities.
    II. Specific Position Responsibilities
President – Elect

Three-year position

• As president-elect, participates in monthly board and executive meetings; liaison to the House of Delegates; serves in absence of the president to preside over meetings
• As president, presides at meetings of the board and executive monthly meetings; serves as spokesperson for the organization
• As past president, participates in monthly board and executive meetings; liaison to Awards Committee


Two-year position.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for and oversee all financial administration of SOPHE.


Two-year position

• Takes minutes of monthly board of trustees and executive committee minutes; chairs the Bylaws Committee (when considering bylaws changes); oversees dissemination of SOPHE elections ballot in conjunction with SOPHE office.

Trustee, Professional Development

Two-year position

Trustee, Professional Preparation

Two-year position

• All trustee responsibilities and oversees Professional Preparation Committee

Trustee, 2024 Annual Meeting

Two-year position

• All trustee responsibilities and 2023 annual meeting (location TBA)

Trustee, Research & Ethics

Two-year position

• All trustee responsibilities and oversees SOPHE’s Ethics and SOPHE’s Research Agenda Committees

Trustee, Communications

Two-year position

• All trustee responsibilities and SOPHE website, newsletters and National Health Education Week; rebranding

Trustee, Membership & Nominations

Two-year position

• All trustee responsibilities and oversees SOPHE’s Membership and SOPHE’s Nominations/Leadership Development Committees

Student Trustee

One-year position

• All trustee responsibilities; oversees Student/New Professional Community of Practice; member of nominations committee; appoints student representatives to Membership & annual conference committees.

Trustee – Publications

Two-year position

Trustee – Advocacy & Resolutions

Two-year position

Trustee – Strategic Initiatives

Two-year position

Exploratory Interest Form

Express your interest in a board position by Sunday, September 25, 2022 | 11:59 p.m. ET