Hill Visit FAQs

What should I wear?
You have to look the part! Business attire is recommended for Hill visits. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes since you may walk a mile or more before the day is done taking into account that you may need to switch from the House to the Senate side more than once depending on your schedule.

Click the image to enlarge U.S. Capitol map.

What about Capitol Security?
All visitors to the Capitol Visitor Center and all Senate and House Office buildings are screened by a magnetometer and all personal items are x-rayed. Security is similar to an airport. The following items are prohibited:

  • Liquids, including water
  • Food or beverages of any kind, including fruit as well as unopened packaged food
  • Aerosol cans
  • Non-aerosol sprays
  • Pointed objects (knives of any size, knitting needles, letter openers)
  • Large bags or suitcases
  • Electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
  • Guns, replica guns, ammunition, and fireworks
  • Mace and pepper spray
  • Razors and box cutters


Do I need to contact my representatives before I get there?
There is no need to contact your Congressional representation before your arrival. If you registered prior to the September 15th deadline, SOPHE has reached out to Congressional offices on your behalf to set up your meetings. Please check your meeting schedule at: http://tinyurl.com/2017heas


Will I be talking to lawmakers face to face?
SOPHE has made every attempt to get you an audience with your actual Members of Congress, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control this is not always possible. In that case you will be meeting with a member of the legislative team who will share your materials and perspective with the Congress person.


Can I change my Hill visit schedule?
We ask that you make every attempt to comply with the schedule given. The process of coordinating the Hill visit schedule is complicated and takes several months. Any changes may have effect other scheduled visits and other Summit participants.


What issues will we be discussing?
This year we will be advocating for the Prevention and Public Health Fund as well as funding for Diabetes and Smoking prevention programs.


Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
Find out who your Congress people are and their perspective on the Prevention and Public Health Fund, Diabetes and Tobacco Control policy. Find illustrative stories from your community that will help you make your point. Lastly, watch the pre-summit webinars: