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National Health Education Week (NHEW) 2020 is October 19-23, 2020.

SOPHE is thrilled to share all of the amazing resources we have to offer.

Below, you’ll find some sample posts that you can use to share on your social media about NHEW!

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Before NHEW

I’m excited for National Health Education Week starting on October 19! Learn more about NHEW #NHEW2020

NHEW 2020 logo

Monday, October 19

Today kicks off the first day of #NHEW2020! Find more resources about Health Equity & Racism Elimination on @sophetweets website

NHEW Monday


It’s the first day of National Health Education Week! Monday’s theme is all about Health Equity and Eliminating Racism. I can’t wait to attend the webinar “Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health.” #NHEW2020


Tuesday, October 20

It’s the second day of #NHEW2020! Head over to @sophetweets website for resources for today’s theme: Emergency Preparedness: Are You Ready? Learn more


How are health education specialists fighting COVID-19? Join us for a webinar on Oct 2, 2-3pm ET to learn about emergency preparedness professionals and their experience from the front lines. #NHEW2020 #emergencypreparedness #CHES #MCHES #COVID19

It’s important to be prepared for emergencies and disasters, including COVID-19. Health Education Specialists play a vital role in creating plans and executing steps to help community members stay safe during emergencies or disasters. Join SOPHE and NCHEC for a webinar – Oct 20, 2-3PM ET. Discover how some pros on the front lines are using their training in emergency preparedness to fight against COVID-19

Emergency Preparedness is one of the many settings health education specialists are working in. Find out about their roles and how their work has shifted since COVID-19 began during a webinar on Oct 20 from 2-3PM ET

Wednesday, October 21

We’re halfway through #NHEW2020! @sophetweets has amazing resources on it’s website for today’s theme: Mental Health & Wellness. Check it out


Tune in for “Supporting Employee Mental Health and Well-being during COVID-19” during #NHEW2020. Learn more

Thursday, October 22

NHEW Literacy 2020

Friday, October 23

Where do health education specialists work? Join us on Oct 23, 2-3pm ET for a panel webinar to look into roles of current professionals in various settings. #NHEW2020

NHEW 2020 career settings

On the last day of National Health Education Week, we are taking a dive into the many settings Health Education Specialists can work including school health, non-profit, clinical, government and private/business settings. Join us for a panel webinar Oct 23, 2-3PM to learn about the roles of some health education specialists’ and how their work impacts those they serve.

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