#NHEW Thursday, October 18 

Technology impact on health – the emergence of mhealth

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Today is #NHEW technology Twitter chat. Join the discussion & share how you use technology as a health educator @SOPHEtweets #myimpact

Has mhealth changed the way you do your job? Join @SOPHEtweets webinar  on 10/18 at 1pm featuring @lisagualtieri #NHEW #myimpact

Is technology influencing health education or is health education influencing technology? Join the conversation today @SOPHEtweets via Twitter chat @lisagualtieri #NHEW #myimpact

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Interested in learning more on how to promote public health programs using technology and social media? Join SOPHE for a health and technology webinar 10/15 at 1pm featuring Lisa Gualtieri.


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Today is the fourth day of National Health Education Week and the focus is technology. Wearable health devices have become so popular but what are their effects on healthcare? The American Journal of Managed Care points out 5 ways that these devices are being used today. #NHEW #TechThursday #digitalhealth https://www.ajmc.com/newsroom/5-things-about-wearable-technology-in-healthcare.

Do you know someone who likes to track their health behavior? For day four of National Health Education Week, the topic is technology considering patient generated health data. When patients control the data, it begins to fill in the gaps for providers to have a more comprehensive picture of the patient. Please check out Health IT for more information. #NHEW #TechThursday #digitalhealth https://www.healthit.gov/topic/scientific-initiatives/patient-generated-health-data

This is day four of National Health Education Week which is focusing on technology. Are you aware of the impact that technology has on health education? Please join the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) for a twitter chat on how technology is influencing the health education world. #NHEW #TechThursday #digitalhealth