Igniting Change & Innovation: The IMPACT of Health Education

Health education specialists make a collective impact as a group of professionals who work every day in the health education and health promotion field. They touch lives in communities, organizations, businesses, health departments, health centers, agencies, on university campuses, and in other workplace settings.


SOPHE invites its members, partners, stakeholders, and those who share our vision of a healthy world to share what you do to positively impact health.

  • Use the hashtag, #myimpact, and share your impact via  – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  • Email sopheweb@sophe.org your impact statement and photo to post.
Emma Fredua

#myimpact educating college students on public health administration and leading region-wide initiatives on tobacco cessation and alcohol screening. Emma

Emma Olson #myimpact

#myimpact improving the health of communities across North Carolina by building capacity for health evaluation – Emma

Miranda McDowell #myimpact

#myimpact make a difference in the world of public health – Miranda

Cynthia Baker #myimpact

#myimpact empowering youth in the field of health education awareness – Cynthia

Thailaya Berry photo

#myimpact ignite the dream, be the change, create teachers . . . empowering youth, creating the future – Thailaya

Mark Johnson #myimpact

#myimpact increase access to HIV programming & gender equality in Zambia – Mark

Deanie Anyangwe #myimpact

#myimpact putting together health education programming – Deanie

Susan Berry

#myimpact health ed for teachers of health ed & coordinate health promotion in schools – Susan

Brittny Bratcher #myimpact

#myimpact educating the community on chronic disease prevention – Brittny

Sharon Moton #myimpact

#myimpact manage grant funds for population-based researchers at a university – Sharon


#myimpact improving the lives of Native Americans/Alaskan Natives through health education – Anna

Kenneth Applegate #myimpact

#myimpact overcoming my health issues to share & teach through health – Kenneth

Daniela Marquez Reyes

#myimpact creating healthy communities through policy changes in tobacco and alcohol policies – Daniella

MAngela Mickalide #myimpact

Angela Mickalide, Ph.D., MCHES; 2018-2018 SOPHE President

Lindsey Arthur #myimpact

#myimpact helping others increase their knowledge and develop positive attitudes towards health and wellness – Lindsey

Sarah Nsiah #myimpact

#myimpact meeting people where they are – Sarah

Julia alber #myimpact

#myimpact training the next generation – Julia

Antoinette Silva #myimpact

#myimpact making sure health education and promotion is not forgotten – Antoinette

Sandy Bulmer #myimpact

#myimpact supporting the health education leaders of the future – Sandy

Lisa Clough #myimpact

#myimpact helping others learn and understand how to live a healthier life – Lisa

Nnedi Onyejiuwa #myimpact

#myimpact empowering youth to optimize their public health experience – Nnedi

#myimpact News

Tonya Nash, MPH, CHES®

Knowing that too little information and support is available to parents of autistic children, Tonya started a faith-based initiative in April 2017 that partners with churches to promote autism awareness and reduce the late-stage diagnosis rates of autism among African-American children.

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Chelsea Lantto

Chelsea Lantto, MCHES

In her work as health promotion & accreditation coordinator for her health department, Chelsea has successfully implemented a  comprehensive community health assessment, community health improvement plan, and strategic plan for her agency.

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