Igniting Change and Innovation: the IMPACT of Health Education


 A campaign to promote the profession of health education specialists and their impact on the health and wellbeing of all people.


SOPHE invites all attendees to its 69th Annual Conference in Columbus, Ohio, to join the campaign to promote what YOU are doing to impact health and the profession.


#myimpact – the promotional campaign — officially kicks off at SOPHE’s 2018 Annual Conference.

In advance of the official kickoff, SOPHE wants all attendees to share the impact of their work in health education and health promotion.

Using the SOPHE promotional campaign theme, #myimpact. Attendees post to their social media — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and share their impact on the field.


#myimpact starts now!  Although the official kickoff is in Columbus, we need YOU to help build the momentum by sharing YOUR IMPACT now. The campaign is not just intended for this month or this year but it is designed to live into the future – showing the impact on health.


Through your social media channels. Start a trend for #myimpact by using the hashtag #myimpact — on all social media platforms. SOPHE will engage in the conversation by retweeting, liking, linking, promoting and sharing the stories of your impact to our members, friends and partners.


SOPHE often hears that we need to promote the profession of health education and health promotion. However, SOPHE cannot do it alone. You are the profession. This is intended to be a way that you make a collective impact as a group of professionals who work every day in the field and touch lives.

Let’s take this opportunity and begin the conversation about the impact of health education specialists in communities, schools, universities, health centers, local, state and federal governments, agencies, and other workplace settings.


Use the campaign theme and hashtag, #myimpact, and share your impact on the fields of health promotion and health education – in four easy steps.