SOPHE 2022 Digital Annual Conference

The theme of the SOPHE 2022 Digital Annual Conference was The Arch of an Era.

Accelerating the recovery of communities and health requires innovation, collaboration, and systems-level approaches that are inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable for all.

Public health educators have experienced a resurgence of the profession and resilience of communities and healthcare systems. The Arch of an Era illustrated the escalation of a worldwide crisis, the public health response and the recovery among communities. The ARCH represents the countless efforts of health education over the last two decades and the start of a new era.

Educational Tracks

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
This track seeks to expand diversity, equity and inclusion in health education, including identification of the role of fundamental causes (e.g., white supremacy) and structural discrimination (e.g., racism, sexism, and ableism) in the social determinants of health. It also seeks to explore how systems of discrimination impact the work of health education and promotion specialists in addressing health inequities.

Health Education Workforce Development
This track focuses on preparing health education and promotion specialists to work in diverse settings. Presentations will focus on infodemiology and combatting misinformation and disinformation; the impact of COVID-19 on pre-professional preparation; successful education and professional development models to meet the learning needs of students, and preparing health education and promotion specialists to work in K-12 school settings or clinical settings.

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes
This track focuses on strategies and evaluations for conducting upstream changes. Sessions will focus on advocacy and programming strategies conducted by health education or promotion specialists or by community members. Subjects will include improving access to quality healthcare; addressing climate change; increasing food security; addressing mental health and trauma issues; and advocating to eliminate law enforcement violence.

Interprofessional Practice
Public health systems recognize the benefits of health professionals working in interdisciplinary teams to address patient and community health This track will focus on defining the role of health education and promotion specialists when working in these diverse, interdisciplinary teams; and health promotion activities conducted with or by pharmacists, veterinarians, first responders, psychologists, urban developers, or other professionals not typically considered health education or promotion specialists.

Program Implementation and Dissemination
This track focuses on reporting program design and adaptation, implementation, and dissemination. Sessions will address practice-based settings or related to research on dissemination and implementation science. Presentations will cover cross-cultural, linguistic, and accessibility adaptations of programs; assessment of dissemination models to increase program reach; and evaluation of program implementation. We welcome abstracts that address adaptations or innovative strategies made to programs as a response to COVID-19.