Content is king

SOPHE seeks rich content in your abstract submission.

Content that is . . .

• Reflective, innovative, cutting‐edge content, and evidence‐based practice.

• Presents a strong case with evidence supported by research or data.

• Explores issues important to diverse audiences and communities.

• Challenges attendees to be solution-focused.

Content whose instructional design . . .

• Stimulates and provokes discussion, audience engagement, and outcome‐focused design.

• Facilitates knowledge transfer and encourage application of the HESPA II Areas of Responsibilities, competencies and sub-competencies.

• Uses methods that draw out relevant past knowledge and experiences.

Content that engages the audience by . . .

• Reaching aspiring and emerging leaders through executive‐level, seasoned professionals.

• Including different types of adult learners (e.g., visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) and taking into consideration personality traits (e.g., introvert, extrovert and ambivert) in various learning styles.

• Demonstrating relevance of lessons through “real‐life” case studies.

SOPHE seeks abstracts in the following

categories in abstracts

SOPHE seeks abstracts that reflect . . .

the best research in the health education field, informed by theory, research, and practice. SOPHE wants to be inclusive of all abstract proposals from various stakeholders in the field.

who should submit an abstract

Instructions to submit an abstract