Conference Subthemes

Infrastructure of Ingenuity

When new challenges arise and old solutions become stagnant, how do health education and promotion professionals expand innovative ideas into the infrastructure for progress? We seek abstracts that demonstrate the building blocks of innovation. Examples include technology, partnerships, translational research and practice, creative fund generation, policy development, and sustainable programs.

Personal and Professional Development  

How do health education and promotion professionals, and colleagues in collaborative sectors, take a step back from everyday work to focus on personal growth, mentorship, preparing health education specialists for the future, and staying abreast on current promising and best practices? We seek abstracts that enhance the motivation, skills, and culture of health education. Example topics include competency building sessions in areas such as evaluation, needs assessment, advocacy, health communication, and ethics in health education. Additionally, we welcome abstracts for practical skill sessions in areas such as evaluation methodology, leadership development, information skill development, and publishing manuscripts.

Inclusive Practices and Diverse Populations

With cultural competency at the forefront of how we improve lives and impact social outcomes, how can we in health education, promotion, research, and practice promote action and empowerment? We seek abstracts that focus on cultural competency, cultural humility, and inclusive practices as a foundation for increasing health equity and improving health outcomes for diverse populations.  Examples of topics and health programming in this area include immigrant and refugee communities and global health. Additionally, LGBTQ+ populations, racial and ethnic communities, vulnerable and underserved populations, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged.

Improving Health Across the Lifespan

How do health education and promotion challenges shift from prenatal care through school health, adulthood and into senior living? We seek abstracts that focus on the health of priority populations across the lifespan. Examples of topics and health promotion programs within this area include Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child programs, gender health, college health, and healthy aging.  Additionally, health education, health promotion, and pedagogy strategies for various priority populations in the school, clinic, worksite, and community settings are encouraged.

Health Issues on Point

Emerging and re-emerging health-related issues demand that health education specialists continue to look for new and timely health education and promotion strategies that make a difference. We seek abstracts that focus on emerging and re-emerging concerns that affect health. Example topics in this area include economic justice, violence prevention, safety and injury prevention, opioids, obesity, and behavioral health. Additionally, environmental health, healthcare reform, emergency preparedness, and legalization of marijuana are encouraged.