SOPHE 2019 Call for Abstracts

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SOPHE 2019

Conference Subthemes

Translating Evidence to Practice Health Education and Health Promotion in Action

Research generates evidence, and evidence is best used to inform practice. Abstracts are sought for both skill-building and research-based sessions that address methods of using evidence to guide practice, developing and using the tools required to translate evidence into demonstrable action, and innovative systems, technology, and programs that support better practice in the field of health education and promotion. Topics may include theory-based practice and program planning; development, implementation, and evaluation of health programs; successful protocol and procedures; and effective strategies for health advocacy and health policy design.

Future of the Nation, Future of the World

As we reflect upon the achievements in health education and promotion, we also look to the future. What are we doing to promote the health of the next generation? In this context, we are seeking abstracts in all areas of health education and health promotion addressing the well-being of children, adolescents, and young adults. Topics may include both research and practice initiatives for children, adolescents, and young adults focusing on improved health literacy, enhanced health behavior skills, and reduction of risk factors for the six priority health behaviors monitored by CDC, in any setting or scope of practice.

Achieving Health Equity and Eliminating Disparities

With cultural competency at the forefront of how we collaborate with others to improve lives and impact social outcomes through education, promotion, and advocacy, we must always seek to improve our understanding of how we as health educators can promote equitable action and empower all populations and communities. We invite abstracts that focus on addressing social determinants and using inclusive practices as a foundation for increasing health equity and improving health outcomes for vulnerable, underserved, and/or diverse populations. SOPHE has always believed in “thinking globally, acting locally.” Abstracts that address health education and health promotion research and practice in cross-cultural settings, at global and international avenues, are also encouraged.

Personal and Professional Development for Health Educators

Health education and promotion is a dynamic and applied field of practice that requires constant innovation and forward thinking. As health educators, we must continue to focus on personal growth and professional development, mentorship, adult education, self-care practices, preparedness and continuing education, as well as methods of staying current in promising and effective practices and future trends. We invite abstracts related to initiatives that enhance the knowledge, motivation, skills of health educators, and the culture of health education and health promotion as a profession.

Emerging Issues and Discovery of New Knowledge in Health Education and Promotion

Emerging and re-emerging health-related issues require health education specialists to continue to look for new and timely health education and promotion strategies that make a difference. Discovery of new knowledge requires both qualitative and quantitative research endeavors. We invite abstracts that focus on emerging and re-emerging issues that affect health, innovations in systems and technology, research methods and projects of new knowledge discovery in health education and health promotion.



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