SOPHE 2020 

SOPHE’s 71st Annual Conference, March 17-20, 2020 in Atlanta

“Linking Science and Social Justice: Health Education as a Catalyst for Change”

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SOPHE 2020 Conference Sub Themes

systems icon for SOPHE 2020Changing Systems: Policy, Advocacy, Communications

Addresses how the sciences of systems change, communications and advocacy can have broad impact on health outcomes. Presentations in this area would address social determinants of health, health disparities, health equity, and societal level changes that can have a long term and sustained impact on health. Topics could include marketing and technology solutions for populations and how broad evidenced-based policies and work to change policies can contribute to health at the local, state, national and global levels.

mind icon for SOPHE 2020Changing Minds: The Art and Science of Teaching in Communities and Professional Preparation

Emphasizes evidence-based teaching and learning with an emphasis on the “education” in health education. Presentations in this area would share best practices in pedagogy and andragogy in the systems for early childhood, K-12 education, college and graduate level education. This sub-theme would address what we know in adult and child learning theories and how to address the science of health education in practice in schools, communities and with priority populations. Topics could be on what works, innovative theories and techniques, state-of the-art and practice in school and community health, technological approaches and what leads to improved knowledge, skills, behaviors and competencies.

Changing Perspectives: Leveraging Sectors, Engagement and Partnerships

Focuses on how we leverage strong and effective partnerships and collaborations to impact health. Presentations would address successful approaches to building authentic and effective relationships, engaging communities and working across sectors. Emphasis might be on how health educators can move out of our comfort zones so that we change and adapt our perspectives and outcomes to fully engage others, embrace their needs and goals and build ownership for sustained action. We welcome presentations that evaluate and explain best practices in forming and strengthening partnerships from a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, mass media and journalism, information science, arts and health, environmental justice, school health, city planning, business and finance, entertainment, technology, politics and law, and global diplomacy.

approach icon for SOPHE 2020Changing Approaches: Emerging Issues in Research Translation and Implementation

Addresses the cutting edge of science and health and how health education can help to translate research to practice in emerging issues and help to address emerging issues effectively in real time. The focus will be on how we “get ahead of the curve” with emerging issues. We seek examples of how health promotion can be a critical player in assuring that new potentials and challenges are met with strong and innovative theory, strategic approaches and robust evaluation in implementation research. Topics could include: driving toward successful health outcomes through information science and practice-based evidence, implementation science in domestic and global settings, integration of evaluation and continuous improvement models into our work with complex problems, building on the science of forecasting, ensuring that health education is at the table when current and emerging health issues are addressed and learning from global health work.

Changing Outcomes: Health Education and the Continuum of Prevention and Care

Addresses how health promotion effectively contributes to the challenges of effective, accessible, affordable and quality health care and health promotion. Presentations can address systems for addressing health disparities and health inequities across the lifespan and include healthy birth through health aging. Focus can be on ways to move our interventions upstream and on building a health education perspective across all aspects of the care continuum from pre-determinants to prevention to urgent care and innovative strategies for interventions for prevention and control of chronic disease.

Instructions to submit an abstract

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Submit abstracts: May 2 – June 26, 2019