Eriel Tchekwie Deranger

About Deranger: Executive director of Indigenous Climate Action. Deranger was a founding member of the organization. Deranger has over a decade of experience working with environmental organizations and front-line Indigenous knowledge holders, water protectors and land defenders across Turtle Island.

Robert M. Kaplan, PhD, 2020 Elizabeth Fries Health Education Awardee

More Than Medicine: Updating The Narrative For Improving Population Health
American science produces the best—and most expensive—medical treatments in the world. Yet U.S. citizens lag behind their global peers in life expectancy and quality of life. This presentation brings together extensive data to make the case that health care priorities in the United States are sorely misplaced.

About Kaplan:  He is a faculty member at the Stanford School of Medicine Clinical Excellence Research Center.

Jennifer Ng’andu

About Ng’andu: Managing director–Program at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She helps lead grantmaking activities to advance social and environmental changes that help ensure that all children and their families have the full range of opportunities to lead healthy lives, while providing a strong and stable start for every child in the nation.