SOPHE is accepting abstracts for student poster sessions

For SOPHE 2020 Annual Conference, March 17-20 in Atlanta, students can submit an abstract for a poster session.

Poster sessions allow attendees to view research/project findings and interact with poster author(s). Posters are displayed for one day of the conference with a designated time for authors to their poster.

Abstract submissions are reviewed by the following criteria:
1. Relationship to conference theme: Does the abstract relate to the theme and the chosen subtheme?
2. Objectives: Are the learning objectives clearly stated and SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound?
3. Sound conceptual framework: Does the abstract include a clearly stated background/rationale for its objectives?
4. Methodology/Description: Is the purpose clearly and concisely described? Is the methodology or practice description clearly stated and appropriate for the research or practice?
5. Usefulness/Innovative: Does the abstract represent usefulness and innovation to the field of health education?
6. Clarity of content: Is the abstract well‐written? Does it clearly outline the presentation? Is it presented in an organized and structured manner?

Submit an abstract before the October 17, 2019 deadline.

You must have a MySOPHE account before submitting an abstract.

Instructions for submitting a poster abstract.