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SOPHE’s social and emotional learning (SEL) guide supports school health staff and team integration of SEL competencies into the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework. Access for free: ow.ly/6woC50C62Rp #SOPHEschoolhealth @CDCChronic pic.twitter.com/AN5bOSsAqw
High quality health information and skills to locate evidence are important to the health education profession. Attend the our pre-conference workshop "Evidence –Informed Health Education and the Infodemic: Shaping Health Education Messages and Outreach." ow.ly/phAp50CsCBB pic.twitter.com/npg4jurLKn
Are you doing your #BlackFriday shopping online this year? Log in through AmazonSmile to give back to SOPHE while you shop. Amazon will donate .5% of the price of your eligible purchases to SOPHE. Learn more: ow.ly/SVk650Co9e5 pic.twitter.com/nFcRG12iYe
Student SOPHE member @taran_haut is grateful for the student engagement and networking opportunities at SOPHE. Register for #SOPHE2021dX to participate in more networking opportunities: ow.ly/3LdG50CtOlc pic.twitter.com/p1TN9NkkCW
SOPHE President @camescoffery is grateful for the next generation of health educators and public health professionals. Check out our student curated collection: ow.ly/zEZp50CtOdU pic.twitter.com/7bzK0E1Io9
SOPHE student member @Herdeytohun is grateful for life, growth, progress, family, my work colleagues, and my SOPHE family. Students, learn how you can become a SOPHE member: sophe.org/membership/ pic.twitter.com/v8NpdITguD
Immediate past president @JeanMBreny is grateful for being a part of a profession and professional association committed to health equity and anti-racism! You can read SOPHE's statement on anti-racism on our website: ow.ly/LXav50CtLZO pic.twitter.com/M7OuzPQql7
SOPHE Board of Trustee for Communications @ChaneyBeth is grateful for her family and friends who have supported one another during the stress and difficulty of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has #COVID19 impacted you? Let us know in this survey: ow.ly/mfNk50CtLMV pic.twitter.com/KQH8CzCQQ1
@Jukalusniak, SOPHE Collegiate Champion/Student Member is thankful for opportunities for professional development. You can learn more about our professional development options on our website: ow.ly/mWtq50CtLxw pic.twitter.com/IXXuZAXnCX
SOPHE Board of Trustee for professional preparation @ashleyvparks is thankful for opportunities to share research and learn from other public health professionals. Become a SOPHE member to gain access to our member directory: ow.ly/YjBw50CtLnT pic.twitter.com/5OCsFtIGyg
SOPHE delegate @HudsonUCA is thankful for SOPHE & @ARSOPHE's dedication to promoting health to ALL. Learn more about SOPHE's chapters: ow.ly/CORd50CtL8I pic.twitter.com/DIq4t23Pgt
SOPHE @PHP_SOPHE Editor in Chief @CherylMerzel is grateful for creative and inspiring authors. You can learn more about SOPHE journals here: ow.ly/EhYy50CtKno pic.twitter.com/M0qTpxKHLi
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