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This year, #NHEW will amplify SOPHE’s #myimpact to promote the profession of health education and the work of health educators across all public health settings. Join the annual event! ow.ly/ma0U30lU5SZ
The United States has a 20x higher firearm-related death than compared to other industrialized countries. Register for #AdvocacySummit18 today to #preventgunviolence ow.ly/Y52m30lxt5o pic.twitter.com/R2izff1oz8
"Opioid Prescribing in the United States Before and After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 2016 Opioid Guideline" found that the release of the Guideline was associated with improved prescribing practices. ow.ly/7DvD30lJ1Xf
HAPPY NATIONAL #CHAPTERAPPRECIATIONMONTH! Today's SHOUTOUT - Pacific NW Chapter! ** A large portion of the chapter is near greater Seattle which is unique in connecting practicing health professionals and students from several of the universities in this area. #member #sophe pic.twitter.com/Ndv0TFBZ0R
*Application closing in 3 days* SOPHE is accepting applications for the 2018-19 #CollegiateChampion program! Applications are due Sept 24 - so don't wait, talk to your professor today to complete your faculty advisor form and submit the online application! ow.ly/ogf230lTkLe pic.twitter.com/WAsEHPJN7p
As #Google references the contribution of Mr. Rogers today, it's worth remembering the #impact of advocacy and the value of knowledge and educational programs. #SOPHE knows some things about public health promotion and education. #advocacysummit18 #good ow.ly/69NP50j6oFB pic.twitter.com/H5ACfiBUUL
#ChildObesity is an epidemic in the U.S. - affecting 23 million children & teens. pic.twitter.com/W6ASAsXMc6
Did you know that Hookah tobacco and smoke contain many toxic agents that can cause clogged arteries and heart disease? Infections can be passed to other smokers by sharing hookah in a group setting. #hookahlife #SayNoToHookah #SOPHE ow.ly/VHFJ30lU7RT pic.twitter.com/Mc52MjWcve
Local organizations know what is needed to prevent #gunviolence in their own states - the more reason to support advocacy on the #publichealth impact of #gunviolenceprevention and #healtheducation #AdvocacySummit18 ow.ly/reBN30lxt2j
RT @FitnessGov: "I'm pleased to announce that @MinorityHealth will be realeasing grants totaling 2.5M to allow communities to work to expan…
RT @CitizenCohn: 6. You can also see it the @pewresearch polls on which party voters trust more on health care, going back to 2010. Cited h…
RT @KaiserFamFound: Hurricanes Maria & Irma took a big toll on mental health. 86% of CHCs in #PuertoRico and U.S. Virgin Islands reported a…
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