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Earn CE! SOPHE journal self-study: HPP 187 May: A Cultural Competence Organizational Review for Communtiy Health Services: Insights from a Participatory Approach ow.ly/zqMP30jxH9P
Register for Free Live Webinars: April 2018. Watch a special presentation from SOPHE's President, Dr. Angela Mickalide. conta.cc/2JfaZ3u pic.twitter.com/AoJ2zU1UXr
Earn CE! SOPHE journal self-study: HE&B 266 February 2018: Predictors of adults’ knowledge and awareness of HPV, HPV-associated cancers, and the HPV vaccine: Implications for Health Education @HEandB ow.ly/6e8B30jvQ9n
What's your #healthedcareer? What's your #healtheducation story? What advice are you seeking from professionals? Join @NCHEC_updates and @SOPHEtweets to chat with community experts @myhealthdesigns @WebMD @Geneia @IUPUI @MontefioreNYC @ucabears Thursday at 12 p.m. ET! pic.twitter.com/hmvnyLO2B0
@Golden_Key collegiate honor society recognizes selected students based on their academic achievements. The Golden Key Leadership Summit in New Orleans will bring together student leaders, advisors, Golden Key staff, and chapter members. Learn more: goldenkey.org/about-us/overv…
Hey, public health professionals, students, & university faculty -- Submit an abstract for one of this year's subthemes: Gun Violence Prevention Activism; Advocacy Skill-Building; and Incorporating Advocacy in the Classroom. Learn more: ow.ly/x92830jBlg1 #AdvocacySummit18 pic.twitter.com/IqZhtSSFGc
National Infant Immunization Week (NIIW) sheds light on the importance of protecting infants from vaccine-preventable diseases. Health educators use their roles to promote healthy communities from vaccine-preventable diseases. Learn more at ow.ly/hY5E30jBfu5
Happy National Park Week! Take the opportunity to #FindYourPark, visit a national park, and take time to explore nature. Learn more here: ow.ly/r5NT30jw3hJ
Earn CE! SOPHE journal self-study: HE&B 265 August 2017: Pairing Animal Cartoon Characters With Produce Stimulates Selection Among Child Zoo Visitors ow.ly/VEVP30jvP4D @HEandB
Join us April 25th at 3pm EST for our live All Member SOPHE Webinar! Tune in to hear an introduction to SOPHE, SOPHE 2017-18 Highlights, and financials. Speakers include SOPHE CEO, President, and Treasurer! cc.readytalk.com/r/fv6b46ei0ufe…
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