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Would you like to be a gun violence prevention activist? If so, this is one of the subthemes at October’s #AdvocacySummit18 Register today! ow.ly/EXo630ki3b7 pic.twitter.com/MlpxZmgBiC
Now Hiring: Assistant Professor in Community Health Education | WWU - HHD Department: Bellingham, Washington | joburl.ws/11365735 #jobs
We are only a month away for priority registration. Register for SOPHE's #AdvocacySummit to guarantee that you will have hill visits this October! ow.ly/xxjs30kEuUf
#gunviolence is a rising issue in the Midwest. We will raise our concerns of #gunviolence and advocate for policy change at the #AdvocacySummit18 ow.ly/9JKZ30ljM4P
Every year in the United States, there are 465,000 nonfatal firearm victims, including 107,000 injured. All students and professionals are encouraged to join us at #AdvocacySummit18 in October. ow.ly/6tBS30kH9c5 pic.twitter.com/VDl81gkCty
Youth in our country go #BacktoSchool this month and next. It is important to #advocate for proper school health, so our healthy children can make healthy adults in the future. ow.ly/EXx030liOiy pic.twitter.com/uqHxcb1e1g
40% of gun sales occur in “no questions asked” transactions that take place over the internet or at gun shows, both not requiring background checks in most states. Learn more about how #publichealth impacts #gunviolenceprevention at #AdvocacySummit18 ow.ly/6tBS30kH9c5 pic.twitter.com/voHaxUpRh6
#SchoolHealth is vital to our children’s health; having a well-developed, comprehensive health curriculum is important for our future generations. ow.ly/EXx030liOiy pic.twitter.com/NF58agHxDO
Gun violence has been a hot-button issue for the last few years. SOPHE gives students and professionals the opportunity to learn more about #gunviolenceprevention and develop new skills by attending the #AdvocacySummit18 ow.ly/6tBS30kH9c5 pic.twitter.com/3NeCVXmQb6
Keep pesticides out of schools and away for our kids. Protect children from pests and pesticides at school by #advocating to your school to adopt a policy for safer pest control. #BacktoSchool ow.ly/EXx030liOiy
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