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Monitoring the trends of teen utilization of alcohol and drugs! Learn more here! ow.ly/Auvi50jZ3tr #survey #teens #druguse #hookahlife pic.twitter.com/pNn8JT3aUz
SOPHE’s newest handbook provides a step-by-step guide for community engagement in research sophe.org/news/upahead/
Chronic use of inhalants like aerosols can lead to serious nerve damage. Inhalants depress the central nervous system and can lead to slurred speech, lack of coordination, euphoria, and dizziness. ow.ly/adKW50jZ2yC #NDAFW pic.twitter.com/06YmxkNlEn
Using marijuana is risky for teens. It’s hard to know how much THC is in marijuana, and very high-potency forms (like edibles) can cause bad reactions and lead to emergency room visits. ow.ly/BlFu50jZ2M5 #NDAFW pic.twitter.com/tAaLCuKIQl
K2/Spice is not natural and it’s not harmless. It’s made in a lab with mind-altering chemicals that can have serious health consequences. ow.ly/Dfd250jZ2uh #NDAFW pic.twitter.com/Mv7rek40Yu
Now Hiring: Public Health/Health Sciences Faculty | Jefferson College of Health Sciences: Roanoke, Virginia | joburl.ws/11918815 #jobs
More than 42,000 nonsmokers die from diseases caused by secondhand smoke exposure. Secondhand smoke can lead to lung cancer, heart disease, and breathing problems. ow.ly/PrSE50jZ2y3 #NDAFW pic.twitter.com/ZuYusCUwMy
Today at 4pm EST, filmmaker Ava DuVernay's foundation partners w/ W.K. Kellogg Foundation to present #HowWeHeal: Celebrating the National Day of Racial Healing on FB ow.ly/A8dB50khIDh ow.ly/oUHq50khIDi pic.twitter.com/A9sBBdJWM2
FREE WEBINAR hosted by SOPHE! (Today at 2P ET) Obesity and the Standard American Diet ow.ly/Mb3D50k99gX pic.twitter.com/bmIMsV62zN
CALLING ALL STUDENTS: Looking to build a network of like-minded professionals? Looking to volunteer and build leadership skills? Want to enhance your resume for better job offers? Email membership@sophe.org to receive an exclusive discount offer! JOIN TODAY! #newstudent #sophe pic.twitter.com/zY6gHKkle7
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