Advocating for Public Health

SOPHE works to educate decision-makers on national and state legislative issues related to a healthy society.

We collaborate with public and private organizations to adopt resolutions while engaging members and chapters to take action on local, state and national public policy activities.

Every year, SOPHE identifies priority issues to focus our education efforts through sustained communication activities with members and chapters.

We need you to make our priorities a reality.

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SOPHE advocacy priorities

  • Advocate for prevention and public health provisions
    • Support tobacco prevention, cessation and control policies
  • Seek opportunities for third-party reimbursement for professionally trained health educators
    • Health education is a critical component to address health crises
  • Promote health equity policies, programs and practices that address health, social, economic, environmental and other factors that improve health
    • Promote policies that increase health literacy


“SOPHE is at the table in all the leading health and policy initiatives . . . it is a cutting edge pluralistic society.”

Louise Villejo, MPH, MCHES, SOPHE member