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SOPHE supports health educators and school health leaders by providing contemporary resources, tools, information and training on current and emerging topics.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Team Training Modules

WSCC Team Training Modules are ready-made professional development resources for use by states, districts or local schools to build, strengthen and sustain school teams implementing the WSCC model.

Training modules stand alone – a module is  not dependent on another – allowing the user to create a personalized professional development plan based on the needs of the schools or districts.

Module are approximately one hour in length.

WSCC Instructions for Training Modules



Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Overview

The module explores the essential elements of the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model including the five tenets, ten components and community engagement. Participants assess their school’s current level of engagement.


SOPHE WSCC Script Overview

SOPHE WSCC Handout Overview

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Overview


Making the Case: Building and Sustaining Administrative Support

The module examines the relationship between health and academics and the need for administrative buy in for building and sustaining a high functioning WSCC team.


SOPHE WSCC Script Building Support

SOPHE WSCC Handout Building Support

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Building Support


Organizing for Success: Establishing Your WSCC Team

The module provides participants a variety of tools to establish and sustain a successful team. Participants will explore the work of the team and various tools that can enhance the efficiency and productivity of the team.


SOPHE WSCC Script Teams

SOPHE WSCC Handout Teams

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Teams


Creating Engaging and Productive Meetings

The module explores several components of meeting planning and implementation including agenda design, group norms, and roles and responsibilities of team members. Participants will develop an action plan to utilize the components that make meetings action-based and move school health efforts forward.


SOPHE WSCC Script Meetings

SOPHE WSCC Handout Meetings

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Meetings


Assessing School Health Needs

The module offers participants a variety of school health assessment resources that can be used to prioritize school health work. Participants will review assessment tools and identify tools that best meet the needs of the school.


SOPHE WSCC Script Assessing

SOPHE WSCC Handout Assessing

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint®Assessing


Transforming the School Environment: Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change

The module helps participants move from implementing short term projects or programs to longer more sustainable changes. Participants will examine the differences between program, policy, systems and environmental changes and how these changes can be used to sustain school health and education work.


SOPHE WSCC Script Environment

SOPHE WSCC Handout Environment

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Environment



Using Data to Create a Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Improvement Plan

The module provides participants with information and tools to create meaningful, data-driven action plans. Participants will learn to determine and analyze relevant data, prioritize areas for improvement, and develop a plan for improvement using SMART goals.


SOPHE WSCC Script Data

SOPHE WSCC Handout Data

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Data

SOPHE WSCC Data Improvement Plan Template


Communicating School Health Results and Improvements

The module shares steps to create effective messaging and compelling stories. Participants will gain information and strategies for creating and distributing school health results and improvements.


SOPHE WSCC Script Communicating

SOPHE WSCC Handout Communicating

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Communicating


Engaging Youth

The module focuses on the purpose and benefits of youth engagement in school health work and how to achieve authentic youth engagement. Participants will assess their current level of youth engagement, develop strategies for working with youth and identify the next steps for improving youth engagement in school health work.


SOPHE WSCC Script Engaging Youth

SOPHE WSCC Handout Engaging Youth

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Engaging Youth


Health Equity in Schools

The module engages participants in an understanding of health equity, health disparities, and health equality. Participants will assess their knowledge, look at data related to health equity and its impact on
students and identify actions that they can take to promote health equity in their school.


SOPHE WSCC Script Health Equity

SOPHE WSCC Handout Health Equity

SOPHE WSCC PowerPoint® Health Equity


Social and Emotional Learning Guide

SOPHE’s social and emotional learning (SEL) guide supports school health staff and team integration of SEL competencies into the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child framework
School health leaders can use this guide to begin to address SEL in schools, strengthen school health programs and practices, and work for improved student well-being and academics.

Download a copy

WSCC Fact sheets

SOPHE developed three Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model fact sheets to support training, understanding and application of the WSCC model.

Creating School and Community Partnerships

Strong partnerships between schools and their communities are crucial to student well-being and success.

Fact sheet:
Creating School and Community Partnerships

Creating Healthy and Equitable Schools

School leaders are called to use an equity framework for students of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, cultures, languages, religion, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, ages and socioeconomic statuses.

Fact sheet:
Creating Healthy and Equitable Schools

Using Youth Voice to Promote Healthy Schools

Youth are the experts of their own experiences and are essential to making decisions about wellness policy, planning, and programs that work.

Fact sheet:
Using Youth Voice to Promote Healthy Schools

SOPHE Journals

Download Health Promotion Practice Special School Health collection to learn about key areas – professional development and pre-service training, quality assurance, health literacy, and large-scale implementation in schools.

Teacher Education Standards/Accreditation

SOPHE’s leads quality assurance efforts in professional preparation programs for school health teachers with standards and accreditation under the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation.

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