Resource Centers

Current CDC-Funded Injury Control Research Centers, 2017

The CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control funds 10 Injury Control Research Centers across the country.

The center’s serve as training centers for public health professionals and information centers for the public.

These multidisciplinary research centers use research, education, and prevention programs to address all areas of injury control- prevention, acute care, and rehabilitation.

National Centers of Excellence on Youth Violence

With homicide still serving as the third leading cause of death, youth violence remains a key public health issue.

The National Centers of Excellence bring academic institutions and communities together to collaboratively stop violence and promote healthy safe environments for youth. These six centers are funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All six centers are also a part of the ACE Network, a collaborative group that promotes and encourages the efforts of four specific workgroups:

  1. Evaluation and indicators,
  2. Implementation and fidelity
  3. Policy
  4. Training

Additional information about the ACE Network and additional CDC-funded violence prevention initiatives can be found on the CDC Violence Prevention website.