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Winter 2023 issue

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Health Education Teacher Preparation (HETP) Standards

Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging, and Developing (UP AHEaD) Research Handbook

Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging, and Developing (UP AHEaD) Research Handbook

Practical Methods for Community Engagement

Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging, and Developing (UP AHEaD) Research Handbook: Practical Methods for Community Engagement
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Blending theory, practice, and lessons learned, this handbook offers constructive guidance on best practices to establish a dynamic, community-academic partnership that utilizes the talents and unique knowledge of community members and the skills and resources of researchers.

Underserved Populations: Advancing Health, Engaging, and Developing (Up Ahead) Research Handbook provides a practical “how-to” methodology for engaging communities.

It addresses three key aspects of developing a research-community collaboration:

  1. Identifying community partners and engaging diverse community stakeholders.
  2. Using group processes for learning about stakeholders’ ideas and priorities.
  3. Examining data from community members and developing responsive initiatives.

Audiences for this handbook:

  • Health researchers seeking to advance the health of populations through research partnerships that focus on community priorities.
  • Community organizations
  • Policymakers
  • Payers
  • Community members who want to advance methods that effectively engage and sustain research relationships with underserved, vulnerable populations who suffer the greatest health disparities in the U.S.

Identifying and establishing a relationship with community stakeholders requires more than relying on individuals who are relatively easy to recruit because they are from more advantaged backgrounds, from communities that are more experienced in working with researchers or individuals receiving care through a research institution.

Global Health Promotion
Global Health Promotion textbook
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Promotional webinar explores the content of SOPHE’s textbook, Introduction to Global Health Promotion. The authors discuss how the text can be used in the classroom to develop well-rounded and informed health education and health promotion students.

Tools of the Trade Vols. 1, 2 & 3

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