Affiliate Organization Membership

SOPHE  invites you to join its Affiliate Organization Member (AOM) program.

As an Affiliate Organization Member, you achieve exclusive benefits and savings on marketing, promotion, and advertising opportunities that showcase your products and services.

Your organization can be recognized as a leading and visible partner, dedicated to improving the health of children, adults and other populations.

Affiliate Organization Members are committed to promoting health of society. They offer valuable educational programs, products, tools, publications, services, and resources. Thus our partnership can advance the latest evidence-based research and practice, and strengthen the health workforce to meet contemporary and future health challenges.

Download the brochure to learn more about the benefits and to join.

Current Members

Working together, we can provide a vital link to the field of health education and health promotion and strive to help all people to live long, healthy lives.

SOPHE Member Profile

86% have graduate degrees
57% are Certified Health Education Specialists
43% work in higher education
41% have worked in the field for at least 10 years

An Affiliate Organization Member is any corporation associated with the profession of health education, that supports the purpose and mission SOPHE and meets additional requirements for membership may be imposed by the board of trustees.

SOPHE Audiences

Health education specialists
Students & next generation professionals university deans
Faculty & academics health education & promotion practitioners
Government employees at the local, state and federal levels
Public policymakers
Organizational leaders
Patient educators
State and local health officials
Chronic disease directors
Healthcare professionals