Resolution Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in the Professional Preparation
and Development of the Health Education Workforce


Voter Registration and Participation Resolution


Resolution for Disability, Ableism, and Health Equity in Public Health Education & Health Promotion Practice

Resolution on Eliminating Health Inequities for Sexual and Gender Diverse Populations.

Resolution for advocacy, funding, health care access, and health education to support health equity and informed reproductive choices.

Resolution to address women’s health disparities – call for access to equity in prevention, treatment, research, and funding for women’s health.


Resolution on Ending Law Enforcement Violence against Racial and Ethnic Minoritized Populations

Resolution on Addressing the Health Impact of Climate Change

Resolution on the Importance of Oral Health


1989 Resolution to Reduce Household Hazardous Waste
1988 Resolution to Recommend Recruitment of Bilingual (Spanish-Speaking) Students and Faculty to Professional Preparation Programs in Health Education
1988 Resolution to Incorporate Health Education Principles in AIDS Education
1985 Resolution to Support the National University of El Salvador
1985 Resolution to Endorse “Project SMART” and Match and/or Control Radio and Television Alcohol Advertising
1984 Resolution to Participate in the 1984 Voter Registration Campaign
1983 Resolution to Defuse the Arms Race
1983 Resolution to Reject the Nuclear Preparedness Component of the FEMA Curriculum for US Schools
1983 Resolution to Promote Occupant Protection
1982 Resolution to Encourage Publication of Articles Relating Social and Political Policy to Public Health Education