Conferences & Events

SOPHE’s Annual Conference

SOPHE holds an annual conference for 800-900 health education and promotion professionals and their colleagues to share best practices, learn about new trends in the field, network with one another, and support each other in professional development.

During the conference, attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers expand their minds and portfolios with access to the latest health education and promotion research policy and practice.

Who attends?

SOPHE’s Annual Conference draws community and public health organizations and workers, business program managers, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, health promotion and education professionals, school health educators, academic researchers, university and college professional preparation instructors, and public health agency administrators.

Participants come to learn what’s new in products and services that improve their work.

Exhibitors and Sponsors

Thank you to our public, private, and nonprofit stakeholders. Your support, through sponsorship and exhibits, allows SOPHE to host one of the premier health education and promotion conferences.

SOPHE’s Annual Advocacy Summit

SOPHE and other public health and advocacy professionals and students engage in effective advocacy for a common agenda at national, state and local levels. The Summit provides a learning environment for all levels of knowledge and experience. Participants new to advocacy learn the basics to enhance their confidence. Seasoned advocacy veterans are exposed to advanced sessions.

The Summit engages public health leaders to share advocacy training, materials, and resources. Following the Summit, participants are encouraged to continue advocacy efforts in their communities.

Who attends?

Public health advocates, students, academia, stakeholders and SOPHE members and chapter members.

Digital Health Promotion Executive
Leadership Summit

The Digital Health Promotion Executive Leadership Summit explores innovative ways that social media, smart phones and other digital health communication tools are used to address the nation’s most pressing health problems.

Who attends?

Digital strategists from government, academia, and industry, nonprofit leaders, communication professionals, academics, students, industry leaders and other stakeholders.