What you can do

Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines

10 evidence-based strategies that individuals, families, and their communities can implement to slow the spread and control COVID-19.

With infections surging across the U.S., these preventive strategies can help slow the spread and control COVID-19. Taking immediate action and following these preventive strategies will be critical to keep schools, businesses, and the healthcare system open and fully functioning.

  1. Wear Masks
  2. Maintain Distance/Limit Contacts
  3. Avoid Gatherings
  4. Identify & Isolate Cases
  5. Conduct Contact Tracing & Quarantine
  6. Protect High-Risk Groups
  7. Protect Health Care Workers
  8. Postpone Travel
  9. Wash Hands
  10. Vaccinate Widely

The CDC published a report reinforcing these 10 strategies.

Adapted from: CDC  and National Foundation for Infectious Diseases