SOPHE is a growing, dynamic nonprofit professional organization representing the discipline of health education and health promotion.

Founded in 1950, SOPHE provides global leadership to the profession and promotes the health of society through:

  • Advances in health education theory and research
  • Excellence in professional preparation and practice
  • Advocacy for public policies conducive to health
  • Achievement of health equity for all

The SOPHE History Project highlights major events and accomplishments between 2000-2015.

SOPHE History 2000_2009

SOPHE History 1990-1999

SOPHE History 1980-1989

SOPHE History 1970-1979


SOPHE History 1950-1959

Past SOPHE Leadership

SOPHE Presidents

2021    Deborah Fortune, PhD, FAAHE

2020   Cam Escoffery, PhD, MPH, CHES®

2019    Jean M. Breny, PhD, MPH

2018    Angela Mickalide, PhD, MCHES®

2017    Adenike Bitto, MD, DrPH, MCHES®

2016    David A. Birch, PhD, MCHES®

2015    Sandra Bulmer, PhD

2014    Kelly Bishop, MA, MCHES®, FASHA

2013    Kelli McCormack Brown, PhD, CHES®

2012    Kelli McCormack Brown, PhD, CHES®**

2011    Robert S. Gold, DrPH, PhD, FASHA

2010    Daniel Perales, DrPH, MPH

2009    Diane Allensworth, PhD

2008    Kathryn Meier, MPH, CHES®

2007    Robert Simmons, DrPH, MPH, MCHES®, CPH

2006    Elizabeth Howze, ScD, CHES®

2005    Stephen Gambescia, PhD, MBA, MA, MCHES®

2004    Collins Airhihenbuwa, PhD

2003    David Ramsey, MPH, CHES®

2002    Sue Lachenmayr, MPH, CHES®

2001    Karen Denard Goldman, PhD, MCHES®*

2000    Fran Butterfoss, PhD

1999    Kathleen Roe, DrPH, MPH

1998    Robert Goodman, PhD, MPH, MA

1997    John P. Allegrante, PhD

1996    Randy Schwartz, MSPH

1995    Ellen M. Capwell, PhD, MCHES®

1994    William C. Livingood, Jr., PhD, CHES®

1993    James N. Burdine, DrPH

1992    Cynthia Jorgensen, DrPH

1991    Jim Perkins, DrPH

1990    Nell H. Gottlieb, PhD

1989    Paul R. Mico, MPH, CHES®*

1988    Clarence E. Pearson, MPH*

1987    Michael P. Eriksen, ScD

1986    Brian S. Flynn, ScD

1985    Noreen M. Clark, PhD*

1984    Ruth F. Richards, MPH*

1983    Lawrence W. Green, DrPH

1982    Edward J. Roccella, PhD, MPH*

1981    Richard A. Windsor, PhD, MPH, MS*

1980    Elizabeth McMahan, EdD

1979    Marcia Pinkett   Heller, MPH

1978    Sigrid Deeds, DrPH, CHES®*

1977    Helen S. Ross, EdD, CHES®*

1976    Joe Fred Sills, PhD*

1975   Helen P. Cleary, DSc, CHES®*

1974   Beverly Ware, DrPH, CHES®*

1973    Donald Campbell, PhD*

1972    Florence B. Fiori, DrPH*

1971    Carol D’Onofrio, DrPH

1970    Scott K. Simonds, DrPH

1969    William Darity, PhD *

1968    Theron Butterworth, PhD*

1967    Betty Bond, PhD*

1966    Ralph Boatman, PhD*

1965    Jerome Grossman, PhD*

1964    H. J. Weddle, MPH *

1963   Thomas Roberson, MPH*

1962    Jeannette J. Simmons, DrSc, MPH*

1961    Mary P. Armstrong, MPH*

1960    Charlotte Leach, MPH*

1959   Norbert Reinstein, MPH*

1958    Beryl J. Roberts, DrPH*

1957    Howard W. Ennes, Jr., MPH*

1956    Ann W. Haynes, MPH*

1955    William Griffth, PhD*

1954    Sol S. Lifson, MPH*

1953    Lucy S. Morgan, PhD*

1952    Levitte B. Mendel, MPH*

1951    Mayhew Derryberry, PhD*

1950    Clair E. Turner, DrPH*

***transition to officer timeline to coincide with change in annual conference

SOPHE’s African American Presidents

Read> John P. Allegrante, PhD, 1998 SOPHE Presidential Address, “SOPHE: At the Intersection of Education, Policy, and Science and Technology.


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Past SOPHE Awardees