Board of Trustees

(effective 4/6/2021)

Deborah Fortune, PhD, FAAHE
North Carolina Central University

President Elect
Amy Thompson, PhD, CHES®
University of Toledo

Rachael Dombrowski, PhD, MPH
Wayne State University

William H. Potts-Datema, DrPH, MS, MCHES®
Southern Connecticut State University

Immediate Past President
Cam Escoffery, PhD, MPH, CHES®
Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Trustee, Advocacy & Resolutions
Sabrina Tindal Cherry, DrPH, MSPH, MTS
University of North Carolina Wilmington

Trustee, 2022 Annual Conference
Kirsten Rodgers, EdD, MSPH, MCHES®
Principal, Proximate Learning, LLC.

Trustee, Communications
Beth Chaney, PhD, MCHES®
East Carolina University

Trustee, Membership & Leadership Development
Antonio Gardner, PhD, MS, CHES®
Mississippi State University

Trustee, Professional Development & Continuing Education
Ninfa Peña-Purcell, PhD, MCHES®
Texas A&M Center on Population Health and Aging

Trustee, Professional Preparation
Ashley Parks, DrPH, MPH, MBA, MTech, MCHES, CPH
California Baptist University

Trustee, Publications
Lisa Lieberman, PhD, CHES®
Montclair State University

Trustee, Research & Ethics
Jody Vogelzang, PhD, RDN, CHES, FAND
Grand Valley State University

Strategic Development
Cherylee Sherry, MPH, MCHES®
Minnesota Department of Health

Student Trustee
Janae Alexander, MPH
Texas A&M University

Speaker of  the House of Delegates
Charity Bishop, MA, CHES®
Indiana University-Indianapolis

Delegate Trustee – Trustee
Josephine Lara, MPH
California State University Dominguez Hills

Delegate Trustee
Tara Lutz, PhD, MPH, MCHES®
University of Connecticut

Delegate Trustee
Tina Jacob, MPH, CHES®
Ohio Children’s Alliance

Chief Executive Officer
Elaine Auld, MPH, MCHES®
Ex-Officio Member, Board of Trustees