Board of Trustees

(effective March 2023)

Raffy R. Luquis, PhD, MCHES®

Leonard Jack, Jr., PhD, MSc

Immediate Past President
Amy Thompson, PhD, CHES®

Ellen Robertson, PhD, MCHES®

David M. Brown, EdD, MA, MLIS, MCHES®

Trustee, Advocacy & Resolutions
Meghan E. Burroughs, PhD, MA, MCHES®

Trustee, 2024 Annual Conference
Mauricia Lewis, MEd

Trustee, 2023 Annual Conference
Tamara Mason

Trustee, Communications
Ashley S. Love, DrPH, DHSc, MPH, MS, CPH, CHC

Trustee, Membership & Leadership Development
Antonio Gardner, PhD, MS, CHES®

Trustee, Professional Development & Continuing Education
Kimberly Price, PhD, MCHES®, CPH

Trustee, Professional Preparation
Ashley Parks, DrPH, MPH, MBA, MTech, MCHES®, CPH

Trustee, Publications
Miguel A. Perez, PhD, MS, MCHES®,

Trustee, Research & Ethics
Rhonda Rahn, PhD, MS, CHES®

Trustee, Strategic Initiatives
Shanna Livermore, MPH, MCHES®, FRSPH

Student Trustee
Sally Ayers Klimek, MPH, CHES®

Delegate Trustee & Speaker, House of Delegates
Michele Bildner, DrPH(c), MPH, MCHES®

Delegate Trustee
Joanne Chopak-Foss, PhD, FASHA

Delegate Trustee
Tori Gaston

Delegate Trustee
Nicole Smith, MPH, MCHES®

CEO (Ex-Officio Member)
William Potts-Datema, DrPH, MS, MCHES®