Board of Trustees

(effective 3/27/19)

Jean Breny, PhD, MPH
Southern Connecticut State University

Cam Escoffery, PhD, MPH, CHES®
Emory Rollins School of Public Health

Elaine R. Hicks, MS/LIS, MPH, MCHES®
Tulane University School of Public Health

Jeffery Goodman, MPH
George Washington University & California State University Northridge

Immediate Past President
Angela Mickalide, PhD, MCHES®
Edgewater, Maryland

Trustee, Advocacy & Resolutions
Heidi Hancher-Rauch, PhD
University of Indianapolis

Trustee, 2020 Annual Meeting
Elizabeth Stevenson, MPH

Trustee, 2019 Annual Conference
Ping Johnson, PhD
Kennesaw University, Georgia

Trustee, Communications
Raffy Luquis, PhD, MCHES®
Pennylvania State University, Harrisburg

Trustee, Membership & Leadership Development
Keon Gilbert, DrPH, MA, MPA
St. Louis University College of Public Health

Trustee, Professional Development & Continuing Education
Nicolette Warren Powe, DrPH, MCHES®
Youngstown State University

Trustee, Professional Preparation
Randy Cottrell, DEd, MCHES®
University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Trustee, Publications
Jody O. Early, PhD, MS, MCHES®
University of Washington, Bothell

Trustee, Research & Ethics
Gayle Walter, PhD, MPH, CHES®
University of Iowa

Trustee, Special Initiatives
Cherylee Sherry, MPH, MCHES®
Minnesota Department of Health

Student Trustee
Meghan E. Shewmake, MA, CHES®
The University of Alabama

Delegate Trustee & Speaker of House
Shanna Livermore, MPH, MCHES®, FRSPH
University of Southern California

Delegate Trustee
Molly Brown, MPH
Wichita State University

Delegate Trustee
Kaitlin Cartoccio, MPH, CHES®, DRCC
Bernards Township Health Department

Delegate Trustee
Katie Miller, MPH, CHES®
Ludington, Michigan District Health Department

Chief Executive Officer
Elaine Auld, MPH, MCHES®
Ex-Officio Member, Board of Trustees