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SOPHE's 2021 Virtual Advocacy Summit is October 12-13! This year's advocacy summit will explore social determinants of health and health equity, and the role of health education advocates in this timely priority public health issue. Submit an abstract: ow.ly/c3gc50EKhro pic.twitter.com/pMsQ9tX9gA
Women living with epilepsy often do not discuss it with their medical practitioners, especially non-neurologists, but they should. It’s important for all of your doctors to have the full picture of your health. #NWHW #NWHM2021 #EpilepsyEquity pic.twitter.com/YoSz39Sfdj
RT @greaterthanCV19: "Microchip? No. Nope. None of that is happening." Want to know what IS happening? #COVID vaccines! They're FREE, reg…
Women of color and women in rural populations living with epilepsy are more likely to not have access to providers with expertise in treating epilepsy and be prescribed older anti-seizure meds (AEDs). They must self-advocate. #NWHW #NWHM2021 #EpilepsyEquity
It's final week of #SOHE2021dX! Don't miss the last session of the conference: "Stakeholder Engagement in Program and Systems Evaluation" tomorrow at 2 PM ET! ow.ly/byrC50EGzKv
RT @TheHPPJournal: Can #dance be a lifeline? During COVID, people with #Parkinsons have said yes! Read how @danceforpd empowers individuals…
May 9–15 is National Women’s Health Week #NWHW in National Women’s Health Month #NWHM2021! remember that women of color living with epilepsy are at a higher risk for strokes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and psychological distress. #EpilepsyEquity #RelentlessTogether
SOPHE is wishing all mom's a Happy Mother's day! We hope you have an amazing and safe day. #MothersDay2021 pic.twitter.com/ErdoCN0yz8
RT @TheHPPJournal: @sandrogalea asks, "What is the unique role of #art in #publichealth?” How can art tell the story of public health and h…
RT @JAllegrante: The COVID-19 pandemic and the explosion of infodemiology has brought into sharp focus ... perspectivesblog.sagepub.com/blog/research/… @MEAuld
Students! Apply to the SOPHE/CDC Injury Prevention Fellowship by June 1 to receive a $2,000 stipend! #fellowship #injuryprevention @CDCgov @CDC_eHealth Learn more and apply: ow.ly/Sio350EDF3b pic.twitter.com/WXjnh9rAE7
Have you checked out @TheHPPJournal's newest #ArtsinPublicHealth Supplement? Enjoy 18 open-access articles and share with your colleagues! twitter.com/TheHPPJournal/…
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