National Case Study Competition in Health Education

Every year, NCSCHE® brings together student teams from leading universities to compete in solving a real-life challenge. Three weeks prior to the competition, students and their advisor will be emailed a community-based public health education case. Students work independently to develop a resolution to the issue and a presentation for a panel of judges. Teams will have free reign to address the issue as they see fit, but generally they will have to show competence in the NCHEC Core Competencies for a Health Education Specialist. Students present to a panel of judges, given approximately 15 minutes to present, and then 10 minutes for questions from the panel.

The National Case Study Competition in Health Education, SOPHEEta Sigma Gamma, and the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing are pleased to announce their partnership to expand the National Case Study Competition in 2024. All four entities will be collaborating to continue the tradition of providing students with a top tier professional development experience. 

The Competition will be dually conducted, continuing the practice of offering an online competition experience, but adding an onsite option for students choosing to attend the SOPHE Annual Conference in St. Louis. 

Dates to Note:

Registration closes: February 16, 2024
Case and materials e-mailed to participating schools: February, 26-27, 2024
Onsite portion at the Hyatt at the Arch in St. Louis, MO: March 18, 2024
Online portion of competition: March 19, 2024 

If you have questions about the competition, contact Karl Larson, NCSCHE Executive Director, at