Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health

Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health

Speakers: Keon L. Gilbert, DrPH, Derek M. Griffith, PhD, Chandra L. Ford, PhD, Marino Bruce, PhD

NHEW webinar panelists for Monday

National Health Education Week is an opportunity to promote awareness of and generate interest in understanding the impact of racism on health. We believe that racism must be eliminated from public health infrastructure and practice in order to improve the health and wellness of all citizens.

The overall goal of this symposium is to introduce and discuss racism as a multidimensional and scientific construct that adversely affects health at the population, community, and individual levels. Racism remains a frequently discussed, yet poorly understood factor influencing health. Racism is a pernicious form of inequality that is embedded in individual interactions, organizational policies, and institutional operations that have direct and indirect implications for personal, public, and population health. Panelists will discuss research and anti-racist practices presented in Racism: Science & Tools for the Public Health Professional published by the American Public Health Association. ​ ​

The panelists will highlight key initiatives and resources that promote the identification of racism and encourage public health professionals to work strategically and collectively to adopt antiracist policies within their agencies and communities of practice.

At the end of this webinar, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply at least three findings from the shared literature on racism as a social determinant of health to your role as a public health professional. (Area 4, 4.5.4)
  2. Name at least three resources to inform questions about racial barriers, racialization, and racism on health and public health practice. (Area 4, 4.4.1)

Adapted from the 2019 Competencies CHES®/MCHES®

Please keep in mind that the first 30 minutes starting at 1:30 PM EST will be allotted only for speakers and the moderator. You will all be placed in a waiting room of which you will move into this session and its presentations promptly at 2 PM EST. Thank you in advance!

If you have questions about this webinar related to technical issues or CE, email education@sophe.org.


Oct 19, 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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10 G Street N.E.


SOPHE's National Capitol Area Chapter
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