Why does SOPHE need to raise money?


In this time of tremendous global, community and personal challenges, SOPHE remains laser focused on our work with health educators to advance health equity.

As the world becomes more complex and needs more pressing, health education professionals and students turn to us to do more, and to be more – more of what they need to stay agile and resilient professionals.

I joined SOPHE in May 2021 with a charge to build and strengthen relationships and resources that support health educators to help people lead healthier lives. Member dues can’t do this alone.  

Doing more and being more requires more financial resources – fundraising.

The word ‘fundraising’ often triggers negative thoughts and discomfort. ‘Arm twisting’ and ‘begging for money’ are just two of the most frequent terms people think of when the subject of fundraising surfaces. Yet the core of fundraising is about inviting other people to support efforts that are meaningful.

Giving students and practitioners access to opportunities for personal and professional growth is meaningful. So is the technology that improves the delivery of continuing education sessions. Launching new Initiatives to build leaders who share our vision is also meaningful.

Relationships and resources are required to make all these meaningful efforts happen.

Each year, 20-30 health educator practitioners and students receive 21st Century scholarships to attend SOPHE events – the annual conference or the advocacy summit. If not for SOPHE donors, they couldn’t experience high quality educational sessions, present their research, or network with their peers and mentors.

Every year, SOPHE invests in special projects that better supports the health education and promotion field. Donations to the Legacy Circle made the Center for Online Resources & Education (CORE) possible. Through CORE, practitioners and students have 24-7 access to live and on-demand webinars, tools and resources, annual conference recordings, and journal self-studies for continuing education. 

Donations to the Advocacy Initiatives Fund support SOPHE’s legislative and policy efforts to create a healthier society. Donations to the Heritage Fund documents the contributions of health educators to the public’s health.

So, to every SOPHE member and friend who currently gives to SOPHE a sincere, “Thank you.”

As a SOPHE member, chapter member, or friend, I invite you, your employer, your organizations, and your service or product providers to make a charitable donation to SOPHE this year.

Amy Overby
Director of Fund Development

P.S. – I also invite you to share your connections that could support our efforts to advance health equity. You can reach me at aoverby@sophe.org or 202.408.9804 ext. 190.

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