It’s our nature

In just a few short weeks, SOPHE’s 68th Annual Conference will celebrate in Denver, a city with the motto “It’s our Nature.”

Yet, this slogan is also fitting for SOPHE members! As health education faculty, researchers, students, and practitioners, it’s our nature to strive for health equity and to lift up the next generation of health educators on their professional journey.

Your donation can help us reach our 21st Century Campaign goal to launch a paid student internship in a public health department or community organization; and more fully recognize outstanding practice-based health education programs.

Won’t you join more than 180 SOPHE members and friends that have already donated? With more than 80 percent of the funds received, your tax-deductible contribution can help turn this dream into reality. And, if received by MARCH 15, your name will be published in the list of donors celebrated at SOPHE’s annual conference and in our annual report.

Please donate by MARCH 15 to add YOUR name! Let your true nature shine.

Thank you for your generous support and your dedication to enhancing the future of health education.

$2,500 and Up

Anders Foundation

Flora K. Bloom

Frances Butterfoss

Rebecca M. Lancaster

Richard A. Windsor

$1,000 – $2,499

John P. Allegrante

Elaine & William Auld

Sandra Bulmer

Jonathan E. Fielding

Jeffrey Goodman

Susan L. Resnick

Kathleen M. Roe

$500 – $999

Claudia Coggin

Vincent Francisco

Stephen F. Gambescia

Andrea C. Gielen

Fern Walter Goodhart

Kate Lorig

Paul R. Mico

Edward & Eileen Roccella

Robert Simmons

Elizabeth Stevenson

Emily T. Tyler

$250 – $499

Bojana Beric-Stojsic

David & Ruthann Birch

Adenike Bitto

Katherine E. Crosson

Lela Folkers

Linda Forys

Mary Cheryl B. Gloner

Michelle & Scott Kegler

Cheryl Lackey

Patricia D. Mail

Lois G. & Milton M. Michaels

Robin Mockenhaupt

RWJ Foundation Corporate Matching Gift

James Price

Amelie G. Ramirez

Martha Streeter

Jean Taliaferro

Lynn Woodhouse

 $101 – $249

Diane Allensworth

Alexis Blavos

Frank S. Bright

Kelli & Dennis Brown

Jordan Buckley

Randall Cottrell

JoAnn L. Earp

Cam Escoffery

Deborah A. Fortune

Lawrence W. Green & Judith Ottoson

Beverly Mahoney

Holly J. Mata

Larry K. Olsen

Elizabeth J. Rintoul

Darcell Scharff

David Sleet

Alan J. Sofalvi

Jody Ruth Steinhardt

Mohammad Torabi

$51 – $100

Trent Applegate

Jodi Brookins-Fisher

David R. Brown

Ellen & Mark Capwell

William B. Cissell

Sarah L. Cole

Carolyn Cox

Cheryl Cullen

Joseph Dake

Alexander DeSorbo-Quinn

Linda Dunn

Carl Fertman

Robert S. Gold

Mary Sue Gotham

Carol Holland Parlette

Elizabeth H. Howze

Ramona Jackson

Celesta Jennett

Nancy Kingston

Lloyd Kolbe

Cindy Kratzke

Sue Lachenmayr

Raffy Luquis


$51 – $100

Elise Lubell

Ray Marks

Robert J. Marshall

Angela Mickalide

Naomi Modeste

Diane L. Moore

Trina Jill Meyers

Robert D. Patton

Daniel Perales

William Potts-Datema

Keely Rees

Elaine Ricketts-Hicks

Cheryl Reifer

Anthony & Catherine Rizzo

Debra Shapiro

Cherylee Sherry

Caile E. Spear

Jon & Christine Harrop Stein

Nan Stout

Amy Thompson

Deitra E. Wengert

Katherine Wilbur

$1 – $50

Kathleen Allison

Kenneth N. Alston

Debra E. Bill

Kelly Bishop

William R. Brieger

Alexandra DeSorbo-Quinn

Mary Alice DiFilippo

Michele Doughty

Lynn Carson

Jody O. Early

Barbara Estabrook

Michael Fagen

Robert Fortsch

Valen Grandelski

Keon Gilbert

Dawn Haglund

Margaret Hall

Cicily Hampton

David Han

Cedric Harville, II

Patricia Heary

Shadia Henson

HCA Foundation

Nancy & Allan Hikoyeda

Brigitte Johnson

Earl Klen

Meghan Marie Lee

Juliana Lewis

Lisa Lieberman

Cindy Liverance

Linda Lysoby

Liz Marshall

Barbara Marquez

James F. & Bonita McKenzie

Donovan McKinley

Sarah Miller

Henry Montes

Holly T. Moses

Leah Christina Neubauer

Allison Nguyen

Mary P. Norcross

Theresa Mary O. Ukpo

Henry Olaisen

Rebecca Olsen

RH & Geraldine L. Osborn

Christopher Parisi

Kathleen Parker

Jennifer Perkins

Sarah Pember

Nicolette Powe

Catherine Ramstetter

Jose Luis Rangel-Garibay

Marilyn Rice

Jeanine Robitaille

Lisette Rosado

Mimi Rosenblatt

Liliana Rojas-Guyler

Geraldine L. Rousculp

Jack & Gladys Samuels

Mona Brenda Sayedul Huq

Kathleen Schmalz

Patricia McGarry-Strizak

Martha Noel Sugrowe

Ladona Tornabene

Frank M. & Norma E. Verducci

Gayle T. Walter

Benton & Mary Lou White

Julie Williams

Myra Wisotzky

Paula S. Williams-Valencia

Brittan Wood

Rebecca Zahalan

Marcia Zorrilla