SOPHE hosts Chinese delegation for health education

WASHINGTON – January 22, 2018 – SOPHE is excited to host a delegation of health education & government professionals representing 12 of China’s provinces.

M. E. Auld accepts a gift from the Chinese delegation visit in NYC


The delegation arrived to New York City on Monday, January 22 and was welcomed by M. Elaine Auld, SOPHE CEO, Linda Lysoby, NCHEC Executive Director, and Dr. Ping Johnson, Kennesaw State Unviersity Professor, SOPHE incoming Trustee serving as host to the delegation in New York.

Over the next two weeks, the Chinese delegation will meet with health professionals in New York City, New Jersey, and Washington, DC to explore the varying components to professionalism of health education. Health education professionals at each site will provide an overview to the work settings of health educators, roles, and special topics in health education and health promotion. Presentations will also address the organization of the US health care system regarding current issues and advocacy.

View the featured image of the Chinese delegation and hosts.