Current Issue

Health Promotion Practice
Volume 25, Issue 1, January 2024


Practice Notes

Community–Academic Partnerships: Addressing Health Inequities Through Community-Engaged Service Learning
Mary Bernstein, MSN, Michael Frintner, MSN, Shuang Gao, MS, MSN, Theresa Gibbons, MSN, Noel Green, Danielle Hildreth, MSN, Madison Lustig, MSN, Jahari Stamps, Julia Turner, MSN, Rebecca Singer, DNP, and Randi Singer, PhD

Factors Facilitating Academic–Community Research Partnerships With African American Churches: Recruitment Process for a Community-Based, Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kristene Tadese, BA, Sarah Jenkins, MS, Dawn Aycock, PhD, RN, Clarence Jones, MEd, Sharonne N. Hayes, MD, Lora E. Burke, PhD, MPH, Lisa A. Cooper, MD, MPH, Christi A. Patten, PhD, and LaPrincess C. Brewer, MD, MPH

From Vaccines to Vitality: The Progression of a Community–Academic Collaboration
Maria Krakora, Tyra Townsend, Ximena Alejandra Castillo Smyntek, Lyndsey Sickler, Constanza Henry, Carol Hardeman, Felicia Savage Friedman, Jaime E. Sidani, Joseph Amodei, Monica Ruiz, Daniel Rosen, Ken Ho, Kisha Patterson, Mylynda Massart, Elizabeth Miller, Shannah Tharp-Gilliam, and Maya I. Ragavan

Resources, Frameworks, and Perspectives

Equitable Policies Need Equitable Practices: Alcohol- and Substance-Exposed Pregnancy as a Case Study
Arielle R. Deutsch, PhD, Mohammad S. Jalali, PhD, Sarah Stout, and Leah Frerichs, PhD

Long COVID Frameworks: Examining Individual- and Population-Level Models to Assess and Improve Patient Care
Christopher Comber, MPH

Poetry for the Public’s Health

The Day Disparities Died
Kyrel L. Buchanan, PhD, MPH

Research Brief

Pediatric Residents’ Outpatient Firearm Screening and Safety Counseling Practices (Or Lack Thereof): A Retrospective Chart Review
Tyler Lennon, MD, Jake Ruddy, MD, Brittany Badesch, MD, Christine Krueger, MD, Barry Solomon, MD, MPH, and Katherine Hoops, MD, MPH


Understanding Behavior

Firearm Safe Storage in Rural Families: Community Perspectives About Ownership and Safety Messaging
Cynthia Ewell Foster, PhD, Sarah Derwin, BA, Lindsay A. Bornheimer, PhD, LCSW, Christina Magness, LMSW, Eskira Kahsay, MPH, Meredith Eis, MPP, MPH, Juliann Li Verdugo, LMSW, Tayla Smith, MPH, Lynn Massey, MSW, Frederick P. Rivara, MD, MPH, and Cheryl A. King, PhD

Understanding Physical Distancing and Face Mask Use Across High-Risk African American Subgroups During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Application of Health Belief Model
Jamal Moss, MA, Leah Alexander, PhD, MPH, Iman Barré, MSPH, Imari Parham, BS, Taneisha Gillyard, PhD, Jamaine Davis, PhD, and Jennifer Cunningham-Erves, PhD, MPH, MAEd, CHES

Distracted and Impaired Driving Among U.S. Adolescents, 2019, USA
R. Andrew Yockey, PhD, and Tracey E. Barnett, PhD

Developing and Evaluating a School-Based Tobacco and E-Cigarette Prevention Program for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Youth
Alison K. Herrmann, PhD, Burton Cowgill, PhD, Debra Guthmann, EdD, NIC, Jessica Richardson, MPH, L. Cindy Chang, MS, Catherine M. Crespi, PhD, MS, Everett Glenn, ASW, NPI, Michael McKee, MD, MPH, and Barbara Berman, PhD

Understanding Context for Health Promotion Practice

Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Implementing Occupational Health Recommendations Among Immigrant-Owned Nail Salons in the Greater Philadelphia Region
Trân B Huỳnh, PhD, Dương (Tina) Nguyễn, MPH, Nga Vũ, BS, Amy Carroll-Scott, PhD, Chanina Wong, MA, Catherine Freeland, MPH, and Claudia Parvanta, PhD

A Model of Stakeholder Engagement with American Indians and Alaska Natives from the Native-CHART Study
Tassy Parker, PhD, RN, Norman James Cooeyate, MCRP, Nathania Tsosie, MCRP, and Allyson Kelley, DrPH, MPH, CHES

Perceived Health Needs of Church Leaders and Members: A Secondary Data Analysis of the Mid-South Congregational Health Survey
Nathan T. West, PhD, Latrice C. Pichon, PhD, MPH, CHES, Kenneth D. Ward, PhD, Emily Rose N. San Diego, PhD, Meredith Ray, PhD, Fedoria Rugless, PhD, Terrinieka W. Powell, PhD, Bettina Campbell, LMSW, Jonathan C. Lewis, DMin, BCC, Lauren McCann, LMSW, CCLS, Sterling McNeal, BS, and Brook E. Harmon, PhD, RD, FAND

Formative Research to Inform College Health Communication Campaigns About COVID-19 Prevention Behaviors
Holli H. Seitz, PhD, Antonio J. Gardner, PhD, and Leah B. P. Pylate, PhD

Health Promotion Leadership

Grounding the Work of Grassroots MCH Leaders in Storytelling
Ashley Irby, MPH, Erin Macey, PhD, Naomi Levine, MA, Jenna Rae Durham, MA, and Jack E. Turman, Jr., PhD

“We’re Here to Take Care of Our Community”: Lessons Learned From the U.S. Federal Health Center Covid-19 Vaccine Program
Johanna T. Crane, PhD, Rachel Fabi, PhD, Danielle Pacia, MBE, Carolyn P. Neuhaus, PhD, and Nancy Berlinger, PhD

The Opioid Response Project: An Effective Learning Collaborative for Local Communities?
Melanie Livet, PhD, Chloe Richard, MS, and Emily Williamson Gangi, MPA