SOPHE’s Chapter Appreciation Month


Spanning over 25 states, SOPHE chapters represent 2,000 health education specialists dedicated to improving public health through education.

This month, we want to shout out our amazing chapters that are delivering continuing education activities to members, advocating for public policies, building partnerships with other organizations, and providing professional development in disease prevention and health promotion.

Don’t see a chapter near you? Learn how to start your own chapter.

Thank you SOPHE Chapters:

Arkansas SOPHE serves public health professionals and health educators in the state. To become a member visit the Arkansas SOPHE website.

Colorado SOPHE, a SOPHE chapter since 1999, provides services and programs that enhance skills and improve knowledge and promote career development and networking. Visit Colorado SOPHE website to join.

Connecticut SOPHE: Aims to provide leadership to the field of health education/promotion and improve the health of our communities in Connecticut with a guiding focus on health equity.  Visit to learn more.

Delta SOPHE serves public health professionals and health educators in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi who contribute to the health of all people through advances in health education theory, research and practice. Learn more about Delta SOPHE.

Florida SOPHE strives to implement initiatives championed by SOPHE. Visit Florida SOPHE for information and become a member.

Georgia SOPHE is unique from other professional development organizations because they focus only on health education as it applies to our communities including schools, places of worship, housing, and families. Become a member.

Great Lakes SOPHE provides opportunities to participate in continuing education events, obtain CHES credits, learn about public health advocacy initiatives in the state, and network with health education colleagues. Visit the Great Lakes SOPHE website.

Greater New York SOPHE offers tools to support and enhance the profession in the New York region.  Follow your passion and volunteer, email so we can connect you!

Illinois SOPHE is indebted to the leadership and services of health educators. Visit the Illinois SOPHE Facebook page to learn more.

Indiana SOPHE provides an environment in which health education/health promotion professionals can meet, exchange ideas, develop relationships, and explore the latest trends in health education and health promotion. Learn more> 

Iowa SOPHE offers services and programs designed to enhance skills, improve knowledge, and promote career development and networking among professional health educators and health education students. Visit the Iowa SOPHE facebook page.

Midwest SOPHE covers Kansas and Missouri and provides global leadership to the profession of health education and health promotion and promotes the health of society. Visit the website.

Minnesota SOPHE identifies opportunities for collaboration between health education and other disciplines on issues of mutual concern. Become a MN SOPHE member.

National Capital Area SOPHE is beneficial for public health professionals, students, and others working in health education in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) area. Become a member

New Jersey SOPHE improves health through practice and research by offering professional development and networking opportunities. Join NJ SOPHE.

North Carolina SOPHE was formed in 1965 to promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of health of all people. Learn more> 

Ohio SOPHE provides professional development, leadership, and advocacy for public health education and those who work in this field. Visit the Ohio SOPHE website.

Paso del Norte SOPHE provides leadership development, professional training and policy/systems/environmental change to advance and support health and health equity for all people. Visit the Paso del Norte Facebook page to learn more about the chapter.

Pennsylvania SOPHE brings together health educators across Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. Learn more> 

Southern California SOPHE serves as a network with peers and colleagues to achieve a common goal. Visit the Southern California SOPHE website.

Texas SOPHE, formed in 1973, promotes the health of all people. Visit Texas SOPHE website to join the chapter.

Utah SOPHE: USOPHE, formerly the Health Education Association of Utah, is dedicated to serving health educators and the public. Become a member of Utah SOPHE.