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Lawrence W. Green Paper of the Year Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper of the year published in SOPHE’s journal, Health Education & Behavior.

2022 – Lisa Bowleg, Ma, PhD. “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House”: Ten Critical Lessons for Black and Other Health Equity Researchers of Color.” Health Education & Behavior, 48(3), 237-249.

2021 – Ryan J. Petteway, DrPH, MPH. LATENT//Missing: On Missing Values, Narrative Power, and Data Politics in Discourse of COVID – 1. Health Education & Behavior. Vol 47, Issue 5, 2020

2020 – Carmen H. Logie, PhD, Lisa V. Dias, MA, Jesse Jenkinson, MSc, Peter A. Newman, PhD, Rachel K. MacKenzie, MSc, MPH, Tampose Mothopeng, Veli Madau, BA, Amelia Ranotsi, PhD, Winnie Nhlengethwa, PhD & Stefan D. Baral, MD, MPH. Exploring the Potential of Participatory Theatre to Reduce Stigma and Promote Health Equity for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) People in Swaziland and Lesotho. Health Education & Behavior, Vol 46, Issue 1, 2019

2019 – Lisa M. Vaughn, PhD, Farrah Jacquez, PhD, and Jenny Zhen – Duan, MA. Perspectives of Community Co – Researchers About Group Dynamics and Equitable Partnership Within a Community–Academic Research Team. Health Education & Behavior, October 2018, Vol. 45(5), 682–689.

2018 – Megan A. Lewis, PhD, Tania M. Fitzgerald, MSW, Britany Zulkiewicz, BS, Susana Peinado, PhD, and Pamela A. Williams, PhD. Identifying Synergies in Multilevel Interventions: The Convergence Strategy. Health Education & Behavior, April 2017, Vol. 44(2), 236 – 244.

2017 – Sheana Bull, PhD, MPH, and Nnamdi Ezeanochie, MPH. From Foucault to Freire Though Facebook: Toward and Integrated Theory of mHealth. Health Education & Behavior, September 2016, Vol 2(3), 206 – 213.

2016 – Laura J. Samuel, PhD, MSN, RN, Yvonne Commodore – Mensah, PhD, MHS, RN, and Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb, PhD, RN, ANP. The Collective Impact Model of its Potential for Health Promotion: Overview and Case Study of a Healthy Retail Imitative in San Francisco. Health Education & Behavior, October 2015, Vol. 42(5), 654 – 668.

2015 – Laura J. Samuel PhD, MSN, RN, Yvonne Commodore – Mensah, PhD, MHS, RN, and Cheryl R. Dennison Himmelfarb PhD, RN, ANP. Developing Behavioral Theory with the Systematic Integration of Community Social Capital Concepts. Health Education & Behavior, August 2014, Vol. 41(4) 359 – 375.

2014 – Dmitry Khodyakov, PhD, Susan Stockdale, PhD, Andrea Jones, Joseph Mango, BA, Felica Jones and Elizabeth Lizaola, MPH. On Measuring Community Participation in Research. Health Education & Behavior, June 2013, Vol 40(3), 346 – 354.

2013 – Lucy Popova, PhD. The Extended Parallel Process Model: Illuminating the Gaps in Research. Health Education & Behavior, August 2012, Vol 39(4), 455 – 473.2012 – Shelley D. Golden, MPH, and Jo Anne L. Earp ScD. Social Ecological Approaches to Individuals and their Contexts: Twenty Years of Health Education & Behavior Health Promotion Interventions. Health Education & Behavior, June 2012, volume 39(3), 364 – 372.

2011 – Abdul R. Shaikh, Amiram D. Vinokur, Amy L. Yaroch, Geoffery C. Williams and Ken Resnicow. Direct and Mediated Effects of Two Theoretically Based Interventions to Increase Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in the Healthy Body Healthy Spirit Trial. Health Education & Behavior, October 2011, Vol. 38(5), 492 – 501.

2010 – Michelle C. Kegler, DrPH, MPH, Sarah M. Hall, RN, MSN, MPH, and Mimi Kiser, MPH, RN. Facilitators, Challenges, and Collaborative Activities in Faith and Health Partnerships to Address Health Disparities. Health Education & Behavior, October 2010, Vol. 37(5), 665 – 679.

2009 – David A. Dzewaltowski, PhD, Paul A. Estabrooks, PhD, Greg Welk, PhD, Jennie Hill, PhD, George Milliken, PhD, Kostas Karteroliotis and Judy A. Johnston. Healthy Youth Places: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Determine the Effectiveness of Facilitating Adult and Youth Leaders to Promote Physical Activity and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Middle Schools. Health Education & Behavior, June 2009, Vol. 36(3), 583 – 600.

2008 – Everett M. Rogers, PhD, and Jeffery C. Peterson, PhD. Diffusion of Clean Indoor Air Ordinances in the Southwestern United States. Health Education and Behavior, October 2008; Vol. 35(5), 683 – 697.

2007 – Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, PhD. The Myth of Peer Influence in Adolescent Smoking Initiation. Health Education & Behavior, August 2007, Vol. 34(4), 594 – 607.

2006 – Roger E. Mitchell, PhD, Sarah L. Ash, PhD, and Jacquelyn W. McClelland, PhD. Nutrition Education among Low – Income Older Adults: A Randomized Intervention Trial in Congregate Nutrition Sites. Health Education & Behavior, June 2006, Vol. 33(3), 374 – 392.

2005 – Debra J. Holden, PhD, W. Douglas Evans, PhD, Laurie W. Hinnant, PhD, and Peter Messeri, PhD. Modeling Psychological Empowerment Among Youth Involved in Local Tobacco Control Efforts. Health Education & Behavior, April 2005, Vol. 32(2), 264 – 278.

2004 – Ralph B. McNeal, Jr., PhD, William B. Hansen, PhD, Nancy Grant Harrington, PhD, and Steven M. Giles, PhD. How All Stars Works: An Examination of Program Effects on Mediating Variables. Health Education & Behavior, April 2005, Vol. 31(2), 165 – 178.

2003 – M. Robyn Andersen, PhD, MPH, Michelle Hager, BS, Celina Su, BA, and Nicole Urban, ScD. Analysis of the Cost – Effectiveness of Mammography Promotion by Volunteerism Rural Communities. Health Education & Behavior, December 2002, Col. 29(6), 755 – 770.

2002 – Leslie M. Cortes, MD, Joel Gittelsohn, PhD, Julia Alfred and Neal A. Palafox, MD, MPH. Formative Research to Inform Intervention Development for Diabetes Prevention in the Republic of the Marshall Island. Health Education and Behavior, December 2001, Vol. 28(6), 696 – 715.

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper of the year published in SOPHE’s journal, Health Education & Behavior.

Sarah Mazelis Paper of the Year Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper published during the year in SOPHE’s journal Health Promotion Practice.

2022 – Caroline C. Wang DrPH, MPH. “The Tai Qi of Photovoice.” HPP 2022. Vol. 23(2) 205-210.

2022 – Phuc Duy Nhu To, MA; Julia Huynh, MA; Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, PhD; Thuy Vo Dang PhD, MA; Cevadne Lee, MPH; and Sora Park Tanjasiri DrPh, MPH. “Through Our Eyes, Hear Our Stories: A Virtual Photovoice Project to Document and Archive Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Experiences During COVID-19.” HPP 2022. Vol. 23(2) 289-295.

2021 – Ryan J. Petteway. “Poetry as Praxis + “Illumination”: Toward an Epistemically Just Health Promotion for Resistance, Healing, and (Re)Imagination.” Health Promotion Practice, 22(1_suppl), 20S-26S.

2020 – Katherine K. Kim, PhD, MPH, MBA, Victoria Ngo, BA, Grant Gilkison, BA, Lisa Hillman, MA, Jennifer Sowerwine, PhD, and Karuk Youth Leaders. Native American Youth Citizen Scientists Uncovering Community Health and Food Security Priorities. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 21(1), January 2020, 80 – 90.

2019 – Sara Heinert, MPH, Marina Del Rios, MD, MSc, Arjun Arya, MSc, Ramin Amirsoltani, MPH, Nasseef Quasim, BS, Lisa Gehm, MD, Natalia Suarez, MA, and Terry Vanden Hoek, MD. The CHAMPIONS NETWork: Training Chicago high school students as health advocates to improve health equity. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 20(1), January 2019, 57 – 66.

2018 – Robin Andrew Evans – Agnew, PhD. Asthma Disparity Photovoice: The Discourses of Black Adolescent and Public Health Policymakers. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 19(2) March 2018.

2017 – Patricia M. Juáez – Carrillo, PhD, MPH. Amy K. Liebman, MPH, MA. Iris Anne C. Reye, MPH. Yurany V. Nico Sánchez, RN. and Matthew C. Keifer, MD, MPH. Applying Learning Theory to Safety and Health Training for Hispanic Immigrant Dairy Workers. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 18(4), July 2017, 505 – 515.

2016 – Ellen C. Schneider, MBA, Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES, Marcia G. Ory, PhD, MPH Mary Altpeter, PhD, MSW, MPA, (Bonita) Lynn Beatttie, PT, MPT, MHA, Mary Ann Scheirer, PhD, and Tiffany E. Shubert, PhD, MPT. State Fall Prevention Coalitions as Systems Change Agents: An Emphasis on Policy. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 12(2), March 2016, 244 – 253.

2015 – Vivian C. Smith, PhD, and Alexis Jemal JD, MSW. Addressing the Health of Formerly Imprisoned Persons in a Distressed Neighborhood Throughout a Community Collaborative Board. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 16(5), September 2015, 733 – 744.

2014 – Cheryl M. Kelly, PhD, MPH. Jessi LaRose, MPH, and Darcell P. Scharff, PhD, MPH. A Method for Building Evaluation Competency Among Community – Based Organizations. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 15(3), May 2014, 431 – 437.

2013 – Francisco Soto Mas, MD, PhD, MPH. Erika Mein, PhD, Brenda Fuentes, MEd, Barry Thatcher, PhD. and Hector Balcazar, PhD. Integrating Health Literacy and ESL: An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Hispanic Immigrants. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 14(2), March 2013, 263 – 273.

2013 – Healther Karina Loyo, PhD. Cynthia Batcher, RN, BSN, CCM, PHN, Kristina Wile, MS, Philip Huang, MD, MPH. Diane Orenstein, PhD. and Bobby Milstein, PhD, MPH. From Model to Action: Using a System Dynamics Model of Chronic Disease Risks to Align Community Action. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 14(1), January 2013, 53 – 61.

2012 – Britta Schoster, MPH. Mary Altpeter, PhD, MSW, MPA. Andrea Meier, PhD. and Leigh F. Callahan, PhD. Methodological Tips for Overcoming Formative Evaluation Challenges: The Case of the Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 13(2), March 2012, 198 – 203.

2011 – Jessie Daniels, PhD. Martha Crum, MA, Meghan Ramaswamy and Nicholas Fredudenberg, DrPH. Creating REAL MEN: Description of an Intervention to Reduce Drug Use, HIV Risk, and Rearrests Among Young Men Returning to Urban Communities from Jail. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 12(1), January 2011, 44 – 54.

2009 – Blake Poland, PhD, Gene Krupa, PhD. and Douglas McCall, BEd. Settings for Health Promotion: An Analytic Framework to Guide Intervention Design and Implementation. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 10(4), October 2009, 505 – 516.

2008 – Deborah Helitzer, ScD. Arlana Bobo Peterson, MPH. Janice Thompson, PhD. and Shannon Fluder, BA. Development of a Planning and Evaluation Methodology for Assessing the Contribution of Theory to a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Intervention. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 9(4), October 2008, 404 – 414.

2008 – Scott D. Rhodes, PhD, MPH, CHES, Kenneth C. Hergenrather, PhD, MSEd, MRC, CRC, Aimee M. Wilkin, MD, MPH. and Christine Jolly. Visions and Voices: Indigent Persons Living with HIV in the Southern United States Use Photovoice to Create Knowledge, Develop Partnerships, and Take Action. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 9(2), April 2008, 159 – 169.

2007 – Victoria Breckwich Vásquez, MA, Dana Lanza, MA, Susana Hennessey – Lavery, MPH. Shelley Facente, MPH. Helen Ann Halpin, PhD. and Meredith Minkler, DrPH. Addressing Food Security Through Public Policy Action in a Community – Based Participatory Research Partnership. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 8(4), October 2007, 342 – 349.

2006 – Nina B. Wallerstein, DrPH. and Bonnie Duran, DrPH. Using Community – Based Participatory Research to Address Health Disparities. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 7(3), July 2006, 312 – 323.

2005 – Katherine K. Edgren, MSW, Edith A. Parker, DrPH, Barbara A. Israel, DrPH, Toby C. Lewis, MD, MPH. Maria A. Salinas, AS, CHASS, Thomas G. Robins, MD, MPH. and Yolanda R. Hill, MSW. Community Involvement in the Conduct of a Health Education Intervention and Research Project: Community Action Against Asthma. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 6(3), July 2005, 263 – 269.

2004 – Susan R. Levy, PhD. Emily E. Anderson, MPH. L. Michele Issel, MN, Marilyn A. Willis, RN, Barbara L. Dancy, MSN. Kristin M. Jacobson, MPH. Shirley G. Flemming, DrPH. Elizabeth S. Copper, MPH. Nerida M. Berrios, Esther Sciammarella, MS, Mónica Ochoa, MPH. and Jennifer Herbert – Beirne, MPH. Using Multilevel, Multisource Needs Assessment Data for Planning Community Interventions. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 5(1), January 2004, 59 – 68.

2003 – Carolyn K. Lafferty, PhD. and Colleen A. Mahoney, PhD. A Framework for Evaluating Comprehensive Community Initiatives. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 4(1), January 2003, 31 – 44.

2002 – Alice Ammerman, DrPH, RD, Chanetta Washington, MPH. Bethany Jackson, PhD. Benita Wethers, MPH, Marci Campbell, PhD, MPH, RD, Gwen Davis, MPH, Dan Garson – Angert, PhD. Reverend Joseph Paige, Sr., EdD, MDiv, Carol Parks – Bani, PhD, Margo Joyner, BA, Thomas Keyserling and Boyd Switzer. The PRAISE! Project; A Church – Based Nutrition Intervention designed for Cultural Appropriateness, Sustainability, and Diffusion. Health Promotion Practice, Vol. 3(2), April 2002, 286 – 301.

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper published during the year in SOPHE’s journal Health Promotion Practice.

Pedagogy in Health Promotion Paper of the Year Award

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper of the year published in Pedagogy in Health Promotion.

2022 – Goleen Samari, PhD, MPH, MA; Monét Bryant, MPH; and Stephanie Grilo, PhD. “An Anti-Racism Public Health Graduate Program: Mentoring of Students and Igniting Community.” PHP 2022. 8(4) 261-270.

2021 – Gary Harper, PhD, MPH and Leah Neubauer, EdD, MA. “Teaching During a Pandemic: A Model for Trauma Informed Education and Administration.” Pedagogy in Health Promotion, 7(1).

2020 Mich- ael Harvey, DrPH. “How Do We Explain the Social, Political, and Economic Determinants of Health? A Call for the Inclusion of Social Theories of Health Inequality Within U.S. Based Public Health Pedagogy.” Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Vol. 6(4), 2020

2018 – Kelly M. Bentley MPH, PhD, Stephanie A. Swan, MEd, MCHES. “Service Learning: A Useful Pedagogy to Engage Community Health Education Students in a Resource Management and Grant Writing Course.” Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Volume 4 Issue 2 June 2018

2017 – Kelly M. Bentley MPH, PhD, Stephanie A. Swan, MEd, MCHES. Service Learning: A Useful Pedagogy to Engage Community Health Education Students in a Resource Management and Grant Writing Course. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Vol. 4(2), 2017, 83 87.

2017 Stephen L. Brown, PhD. Teaching Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Programs. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Vol. 3(3), September 2017, 146 153.

2016 Pamela Pinahs Schultz, PhD, and Barbra Beck, PhD. Descriptive Best Practices: Development and Assessment of Signature Assignments to Increase Student Engagement in Undergraduate Public Health. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Vol. 2(3), September 2016, 206 213.

2015 Alyssa G. Robillard, PhD, CHES, Lucy Annang, PhD, and Kyrel L. Buchanan PhD. Talking about Race: An Important Step in Undergraduate Pedagogy Addressing African American Health Disparities. Pedagogy in Health Promotion, Vol. 1(1), March 2015, 18 23.

This award recognizes the most outstanding paper of the year published in SOPHE’s journal, Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.