SOPHE’s peer-reviewed journals announce 2019 Paper of the Year Awards

Authors recognized for their outstanding contributions.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Society for Public Health Education, Inc. (SOPHE) will present more than 30 awards and scholarships to health education researchers, faculty, programs, practitioners and students during its 70th annual conference Salt Lake City, March 26-29, 2019. Of these awards, selected authors are recognized for their outstanding contributions to SOPHE’s three premier journals as papers of the year.

2019 Papers of the Year

Health Education and Behavior’s Lawrence W. Green 2019 Paper of the Year Award recognizes Lisa M. Vaughn, PhD; Farrah Jacquez, PhD and Jenny Zhen-Duan, MA,  for their paper “Perspectives of Community Co-Researchers About Group Dynamics and Equitable Partnership Within a Community–Academic Research Team” published in Vol. 45(5) 682–689.

“How do we create and sustain collaborative partnerships? This paper addresses this question and invites us to consider six pillars of such partnerships: relationships, personal growth, self and collective identity, co-existence, diversity, and power sharing,” remarked Jesus Ramirez-Vallez,PhD,MPH and editor-in-chief of HE&B.

Health Promotion Practice presents the Sarah Mazelis 2019 Paper of the Year Award to, “Asthma Disparity Photovoice: The Discourses of Black Adolescent and Public Health Policymakers” Vol. 19 (2) March 2018 written by Robin Andrew Evans-Agnew, PhD.

“Dr. Evans-Agnew demonstrates the best of health promotion practice research with this paper. Respectful engagement of youth participants, artful analysis of the differences between discourse on a key public health issue, and a compelling call to broaden the evidence base of public policy all shine through the article. The work has already been cited in other journal articles addressing asthma policy, school nursing, and emancipatory dialogues,” said Kathleen Roe, DrPH, MPH, editor-in-chief of the journal.

Kelly M. Bentley MPH, PhD and Stephanie A. Swan, MEd, MCHES® are recipients of the Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 2019 Paper of the Year Award for their article, “Service Learning: A Useful Pedagogy to Engage Community Health Education Students in a Resource Management and Grant Writing Course” Vol. 4 (2) June 2018.

Editor-in-chief, Stephen Gambescia, PhD, MCHES® elaborated on why Bentley and Swan’s paper was recognized. “Students hear us talk often about nonprofit organizations’ need to secure grants to implement programs. It is unlikely that pre-professionals will get a full course in grant writing; it is usually presented as a workshop for health and human services professionals. This best practice article describes a creative way to introduce students to the grant writing process within an existing course as an experiential learning project benefits by students, faculty, and the community partners.”

SOPHE’s premier journals:

  • Health Education & Behavior (HE&B) explores social and behavioral change as they affect health status and quality of life.
  • Health Promotion Practice (HPP) is a forum for authoritative research, commentary, practical tools and promising practices that strategically advance the art and science of health promotion and disease prevention.
  • Pedagogy in Health Promotion: The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (PHP), SOPHE’s newest journal, advances pedagogy through contributions in the areas of curriculum and course/program designs, assessment and administration relevant to teaching and learning.

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