SOPHE opposes president’s fiscal year 2018 proposed budget

Vital non-defense discretionary programs are underfunded

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) sharply disagrees with the proposed funding levels included in the president’s fiscal year (FY) 2018 budget. These funding proposals fall far short of the fiscal responsibility necessary for adequately supporting the nation’s vital health, human service and education programs.

Among other provisions, the president’s proposed budget would:

  • reduce the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC’s program level to $5.975 billion, a $1.2 billion decrease
  • cut Medicaid spending to $610 billion, in addition to $839 billion in cuts from the House health care reform bill, a total of about $1.5 trillion over a decade
  • decrease the National Institutes of Health program level to $26 billion, a $5.8 billion cut
  • eliminate the Prevention and Public Health Fund in FY 2019

“At a time when our nation’s chronic disease costs are soaring and new infectious diseases threaten our communities, it is penny wise and pound foolish to cut the programs that can help keep people healthy and productive members of society,” says Elaine Auld, MPH, MCHES, SOPHE’s Chief Executive Officer.  “We cannot afford a future that underfunds agencies we rely on for emergency preparedness, disease prevention and detection, and basic biomedical research.”

America needs a fiscally sound budget that invests in programs that defend our states and local communities from public health hazards, promotes health education and supports evidence-based disease prevention programs.  More than 38 million children insured by Medicaid, millions of which receive health services in schools, will suffer if the proposed changes in Medicaid eligibility and services are enacted.

SOPHE stands ready to work with Congress and the administration to reassess the proposed program levels provided in the president’s proposed budget and adequately fund health, human service and education programs.

Contact: Dr. Cicily Hampton, Senior Director, Health Science & Policy | 202.408.9804 |

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