Angela Kroeze-Visser

Angela Kroeze-Visser is the Director of the Kielstra Center of Research and Grants at Dordt University, where she focuses on research development and research administration. She also does consulting work around evaluation and community health assessment, where she coordinates and facilitates community coalitions, manages the Community Health Needs Assessment, and builds partnerships and relationships in the community.

She thought she would study social psychology following her graduation from Dordt and did not consider public health as a career field until her professor linked her to a school of public health program. Now, she enjoys the challenge and the rewards.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to work with people who hold many positions in the community and to see them come together to collaborate and bring together a new idea.”

Having lots of different experiences can really strengthen the work you do. It helps you relate to different people in different settings. I learned something in each position that I held that made me better in what I am doing now.