Dorothy Nyswander Open Society Award

This award is given each year to recognize an individual or group who embodies and promotes an open society, through research, practice, and/or teaching.

This individual or group uses activism in institutionalizing an Open Society that:
  • Actively engages in initiatives that promote equality and justice for all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, or physical ability.
  • Advocates for and initiates dialogue and action to address health injustices affecting marginalized communities.
  • Participates in activities that endorse education as a means of individual and community advancement and growth.
  • Views poverty as a societal responsibility and from an ecological perspective.

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An open society is one where justice is the same for every man (and woman) [sic]; where dissent is taken seriously as an index of something wrong or something needed; where diversity is respected; where pressure groups cannot stifle and control the will of the majority or castigate the individual; where education brings upward mobility to all; where the best of health care is available to all; where poverty is a community disgrace not an individual’s weakness; where greed for possessions and success is replaced by inner fires for excellence and honor; where desires for power over men (and women) become satisfactions with the use of power for men (and women).*

~ Dorothy B. Nyswander, PhD, “Tenth Dorothy B. Nyswander Lecture, ” Berkeley, California, 1966