Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis II

The Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis II (HESPA II 2020) is the latest hierarchical model for professional preparation, credentialing, and professional development of health education specialists in all settings.

The validated model consists of 193 sub-competencies, organized into 35 competencies within 8 major areas of responsibility, and 145 knowledge topics.

The publication, A Competency-Based Framework for Health Education Specialists – 2020, published by NCHEC and SOPHE, provides:

  • New model and valuable information on the historical evolution of the health education model of practice.
  • Application of the HESPA II 2020 Competencies in various work settings.
  • Changes in the Areas of Responsibility from 1985 forward.
  • Core knowledge areas identified in HESPA II 2020.


Look for professional development in Virtual SOPHE 2020 and SOPHE’s Center for Online Resources and Education (CORE) to help faculty integrate the new HESPA II 2020 competencies in curricula.