4 steps to share your impact


Step 1: Tweet

Example: #myimpact @SOPHEtweets is to educate youth on the benefits of adopting a healthy lifestyle

Include #myimpact and @SOPHEtweets in your tweet. You can also use the #myimpact logo as a graphic/picture in your tweet.

Step 2: Write your Facebook post

Tell your Facebook friends why you are a health education/health promotion professional.

Share your thoughts on what impacted your career choice – was it a family member, friend, teacher, etc.?

How do you want to make an impact on the field?

Post to your Facebook timeline and include #myimpact in your Facebook post sharing what you are doing in your community.

We also encourage you to share a picture of yourself in your workplace setting.

Step 3: Update your LinkedIn profile and write a post, share an article, video or idea

Update your professional profile to reflect your work as a health education/health promotion professional.

Share your thoughts via a post, article, or video on how your work is impacting the field.

Tell your network what you see as the future for a health education/health promotion professional.

Post to your profile and include #myimpact in your update.

Step 4: Take a photo of yourself

Post your photo with the hashtag #myimpact to your Instagram and/or Snapchat account.

You can also shoot a quick video and post it to YouTube. Send a link to myimpact@sophe.org to share.

Thank you!

You have joined the many faces of health education specialists and health promotion professionals who are making an impact on the health of society.

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