A call for bike lanes

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This morning, I read this article and I thought this would be of interest to all public health practitioners and advocates. I hope this stirs some to act.

A 17-year-old young man on his bike was struck by a car yesterday in Bethesda, Maryland and died of his injuries.

There were no bike lanes so the kid was forced to ride on the sidewalk. He fell off his bike on the sidewalk after hitting a trash can. When he fell, he landed on the road and was struck by a car.

This is yet another example of the importance of bike lanes in  the built environment. Bikers should not have to ride on sidewalks. They should have the inherit right to have their own bike lanes, after all Maryland law states, “bikers have the same rights and responsibilities as vehicles on the road.”

Notice that in the article, community members say that there are no bike lanes and now they wish there were.

It is heartbreaking that it takes tragedy in order for changes to be initiated and implemented. As someone with no car and only bike this is personal to me as well.

David Strome
University of Washington student ’21