Managing stress is a lifetime skill

It’s important for students to take care of their mental health during finals week and learn ways to manage stress throughout their lives.

In order to promote mindfulness and stress management during finals, Southern Connecticut State University hosts a variety of events designed to relieve stress and have fun.

In collaboration with several campus organizations, our SOPHE Collegiate Champions hosted a Finals Frenzy event to promote SOPHE while promoting stress relief and having fun.

Finals Frenzy took place in the hallway of one of the academic buildings on campus. Students were encouraged to participate in mindfulness meditation activities and build their own sensory water bottles. A therapy dog also attended the event to provide students with love!

Over 50 students visited to participate in one or more of the activates and get information about stress relief and SOPHE. Many of the students were not previously aware of SOPHE but became interested after speaking with us.

As a health professional, this was a reminder of the importance of collaborating with different entities to build the quality and capacity of an event.

Desiree Rondeau
SOPHE Collegiate Champion
Southern Connecticut State University