Rapid call for perspectives on COVID-19 and Health Education & Behavior

In response to the current pandemic, Health Education & Behavior (HE&B) invites authors to submit perspectives on COVID-19 and health education and health behavior processes.

COVID-19 is a global public health challenge. The course of the epidemic is being shaped by existing public health infrastructure and social determinants of health. At the same time, COVID-19 will negatively affect our infrastructure and the social determinants of health, such as employment, income, and racism. The pandemic exposes and exacerbates inequities.

HE&B is looking for unique and nuanced pieces on: public health interventions, health communications, health equity, racism, social justice, social determinants of health; policies, global health, poverty, built environment, workplace, housing, mental health, and knowledge, behaviors, and attitudes. Pieces may span local, regional, national, and global levels or may make comparisons across settings.

Perspectives provide a unique and timely analysis. They are scholarly essays of no more than 2,500 words of text (plus abstract of up to 150 words) and references. They are reviewed and publish in fast-tracked fashion and will be open access (no cost to authors). Please see our Instructions for Authors.

Interested authors should submit a brief proposal by email to HE&B Editorial Manager, Zebley Foster at zfoster@sophe.org. The proposal should not exceed 500 words and must include: title, author(s) and their affiliations, purpose, main argument, and framework (or lenses, theory). Our editorial team will then select authors and invite them to submit a full perspective.

We value uniqueness, originality, and timeliness. This call is open until further notice.

Jesus Ramirez-Valles, PhD, MPH

Editor-in-Chief, HE&B