SOPHE Announces 75th Anniversary Commemoration Committee

December 20, Washington, DC – The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) proudly announces the establishment of a special committee to lead the festivities and historical celebration of its 75th year of progress.

The committee, co-chaired by SOPHE History Committee Chair Dr. Julia Alber and SOPHE Past President Dr. John Allegrante, will organize and lead the year-long celebration of SOPHE’s diamond anniversary, “SOPHE at 75: Celebrating the Past, Shaping the Future.” Events will kick off at SOPHE’s Annual Conference in March 2024 in St. Louis and conclude at SOPHE’s 2025 Annual Conference in Long Beach, Calif.

“It is especially noteworthy to launch these festivities in St. Louis, Mo., which is heralded as SOPHE’s official birthplace and site of the first SOPHE board meeting,” says Dr. Leonard Jack, Jr., SOPHE President-Elect. “We’re excited to have recruited a diverse group of new and seasoned SOPHE members to help make the year-long commemoration a way to honor the Society’s past accomplishments as well as shape its future legacy.”

Members of the committee are as follows:


Julia Alber SOPHE Historian, 75th Committee Co-chair, California Polytechnic State University

John Allegrante – SOPHE Past President, 75th Committee Co-chair, Columbia University

M. Elaine Auld – SOPHE Chief Executive Officer, Emerita

David Brown – SOPHE Treasurer, National Library of Medicine

Deborah Fortune – SOPHE Past President, North Carolina Central University

Leonard Jack, Jr. – SOPHE President Elect, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Nandi Marshall – former SOPHE Board member and APHA Board Chair, Georgia Southern University

Holly Moses – Eta Sigma Gamma Past President, University of Florida

David Sleet – SOPHE Distinguished Fellow

Student Members

Owen Jessup – Graduate Student, San Diego State University

Lauren Sandoval – Undergraduate Student, California Polytechnic University

Ex officio Members

Bill Datema – SOPHE Chief Executive Officer

Tom Lawson – SOPHE Director, Communications and Publications

Honorary Members

Lawrence Green – SOPHE Past President, University of California, San Francisco

All SOPHE members are invited to share any ideas to include in the year-long celebration by contacting Julia Alber,