SOPHE joins National Back to School Day and encourages its members to advocate for healthy schools

August 7, 2018 is National Back to School Day – an opportunity to examine the health of our school facilities and what we can do to improve them

As our children head back to school, SOPHE joins the Coalition for Healthier Schools and healthy school advocates to urge parents, teachers and administrators to make sure our schools are healthy environments where children can learn and thrive.

“Children and youth are 22 percent of our population, but all of our future. Back to School Day is a reminder to all school officials, teachers, parents and child health advocates that health and academic achievement go hand in hand. School health education must be prioritized as an academic subject and be fully funded at the federal, state, and local levels.” – Elaine Auld, MPH, MCHES® SOPHE CEO

The 2018-19 Back to School and Beyond Action Kit is now available for all school health advocates (e.g. teachers, administrators, parents, health educators and community stakeholders) to provide children with clean and healthy places to learn. The kit includes new resources on: promoting safer products for schools; utilizing back to school promotion tools; taking care of your school; rebuilding America’s schools. Read the joint press release >