SOPHE premieres a new brand logo and tagline

An updated brand that reflects innovation, momentum, and vibrancy of the organization 

Washington, DC – October 7, 2021 – Today, the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) premieres a new brand identity and tagline for the 72-year-old nonprofit organization.

Founded in 1950, SOPHE is the only nonprofit independent organization dedicated solely to health education and promotion, comprising some 4,000 professionals and students nationally and in 22 chapters. 

SOPHE’s new colorful brand builds on its solid foundation and reputation for outstanding health education research and practice and its vision of a healthy world through health education. 

Our video explains the new brand:

In addition to a new logo and tagline, SOPHE updated its mission to “Supporting leaders in health education and promotion to advance healthy and equitable communities across the globe.”

Combined, these efforts signify SOPHE’s commitment to welcome all students and professionals who want to improve the public’s health through health education, health advocacy, and health equity. 

SOPHE: Health Education, Health Advocacy, Health Equity

“I’m proud of the end result of our rebranding task force, working together with our brand agency, The Ivy Group, to develop a new logo and tagline that updates our compass icon,” said Dr. Deborah Fortune, SOPHE’s President. “We’re looking forward to building a stronger brand with our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and the vision of an open society that has guided our programs and services for more than 70 years.   

The new brand logo is informed by extensive research—focus groups, interviews, and online surveys—of SOPHE members and other stakeholders. It provides a fresh facelift to SOPHE’s monochromatic brandmark, unchanged since 1950, and reflects the organization’s vibrancy and its eye to the future.   

Elements of the new logo and tagline will be reflected in all of SOPHE’s communications and marketing collateral, its peer-reviewed journals, website, and social media channels. SOPHE is collaborating with its 22 chapters to incorporate the new brand in their materials as well.

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The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) is a 501 (c)(3) professional organization founded in 1950 to support leaders in health education and promotion to advance healthy and equitable communities across the globe. SOPHE contributes to the health of all people and the elimination of health disparities through advances in health education theory and research; excellence in professional preparation and practice; and advocacy for public policies conducive to health. For more information, visit